1200 Calories A Day Vegan Diet Meal Plan 2021

1200 Calories A Day Vegan Diet Meal Plan 2021

Many people are struggling with weight loss. Obesity is a big issue in the whole world, and some of the main reasons why so many people, and children as well, are lack of physical activity, junk food, beverages full of sugar, and more. Also, obesity can cause various adverse health effects, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and many other issues.

On the other side, you can develop some mental problems by thinking about how you are less attractive because of that few extra pounds on your abdomen.
There are many types of diet plans that could help you to lose some weight. However, you should be aware that a lack of some essential nutrients that you gain through food could cause health issues. In that matter, pay attention that your meals can provide you with minerals and vitamins that are crucial for your health.

Recently, we have seen that many people are interested in a diet that is consisted only of 1200 calories per day. According to some research, this amount can be enough for a person who wants to lose weight but still gains all essential nutrients.

Furthermore, it is essential to know that this diet plan could cause some adverse effects like slowed metabolism if you don’t eat healthy food and greenery. On the other side, people who don’t have enough time to work out can benefit from the 1200-per-day diet the most, but only if they prepare healthy meals. This diet plan is especially suitable for vegans since most of their meals have a low amount of calories. Here are some examples of food that you should prepare in this vegan diet plan.


Vegan Breakfest
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You should pay attention that your breakfast is not over 300 calories. One of the best types of vegan meals that will provide you enough energy, but has a low amount of calories is vegan pancakes. You can prepare them with peanut butter and a handful of blackberries. Another delicious and healthy vegan breakfast is a smoothie. The perfect vegan smoothie with less than 300 calories can take two tablespoons of peanut butter, protein powder, half of the banana, some almond milk, and spinach.

There are also many other receipts. It would help if you looked for a proper combination of ingredients to provide you with enough energy and nutrients, without the risks to gain additional and unwanted weight. When it comes to smoothies, which represent one of the most popular vegan breakfast options, you can prepare the delicious strawberry-banana green smoothie. This meal’s main benefit is the high amount of omega-3 fats that you get from the flaxseeds. Ingredients for this meal are banana, spinach, almond milk, a couple of strawberries, and some flaxseeds.


Vegan lunch
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The main issue with vegan meals is a lack of proteins and healthy fats, which are essential for your health. In that matter, be sure that you take a lot of vegan food that contains these nutrients, such as almonds, vegetables, and greenery. When it comes to lunch that you can prepare during this diet plan, you should try the vegan salad with spinach, almond, avocado, and chickpeas. You will need a quarter of an avocado, two tablespoons of wine vinaigrette, some almonds, chickpeas, and 4 cups of spinach. This meal has around 400 calories and enough nutrients to provide you with enough energy throughout the day.

Another excellent example of a vegan lunch with no dairy, nuts, and soy, with a high amount of fiber and low calories, is a white bean and avocado toast. Ingredients for this toast are red pepper, kosher salt, avocado, whole-wheat bread, white beans, and ground pepper. One slice of this toast has 230 calories, around 11 grams of fiber, 9 grams of fat, 11.5 grams of protein, and many minerals like magnesium, vitamin c, potassium, vitamin a, calcium, and more.


vegan snacks
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First of all, you should know that many vegan products on the market are not so healthy as the commercials say. You should avoid processed food full of sugar since that won’t help you lose weight and cause some additional health issues. Therefore, you can choose some vegetables or fruits as a snack.
For example, a half-cup of edamame pods with salt can be a great choice. Also, if you want a little more calories from your snack, you can eat sliced cucumber with a vinaigrette with around 100 calories.
Another excellent vegan snack is crackers with vegan guacamole, which has around 150 calories.

A snack can also be a great source of essential nutrients. If you choose to eat the whole meal fruit bar, you will get around 22 grams of carbs, 4.5 grams of fat, about 2 grams of fiber, and 2.5 grams of protein.


woman eating
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Your dinner should have at least the same amount of calories as your lunch. Also, if you want to prepare some meals with more calories, you can make black beans and quinoa bowls. The main benefits of this receipt are a high amount of fiber and an improved immune system. Ingredients are cilantro, avocado, hummus, quinoa, Pico de Gallo, and lime juice.

This meal has around 500 calories, with about 16 grams of fat, 73 grams of carbs, 20 grams of fiber, and 20 grams of protein—also, some minerals and vitamins like calcium, thiamin, magnesium, vitamin c, and more.

If you want a dinner with fewer calories, you can try a veggie burger. One burger has 115 calories, and additional ingredients are broccoli, avocado, wheat bun, and baked squash. The average amount of calories is less than 400. Also, you can choose your dinner by the number of calories you took during the day. However, you should know that it won’t be a problem if you take a few hundred calories over 1200 as long as your meals consist of healthy food.

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