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3 Winter Jackets That Don’t Make Us Feel Huge!


Let it snow! The time for winter jackets is in sight! We’ve found three trends for you that won’t make you look like Bigfoot!

The shelves in the supermarkets beckon with gingerbread and cinnamon stars. From the shop windows, the first button eyes of glittering decorative snowmen blink at us and the air smells a bit of snow. High time to dig out those thick snow and winter jackets. But as soon as we slip in, we sink into the massive down or fur jackets in the truest sense of the word up to our necks. A look in the mirror shows that we not only feel huge, we also look like Bigfoot in the Himalayas.

That won’t happen to you with our three trendy winter jackets. Greatly styled in a cool leather coat, chic with a quilted jacket, or in a fashionable, functional vest: this is how an enchantingly light winter look works!

Nothing stops the leather coat!

leather coat
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It is a cool it-piece and a trendy figure flatterer. This year the leather coat remains on the road to success even in winter. Whether oversized or figure-hugging, real or made of synthetic leather, leather coats give their wearer this decidedly casual look. With the wind and water repellent material, you are well protected, even when a cold storm whips the snowflakes in front of you. This is even more true if you choose a model with a cozy inner lining. Then you can wear your favorite coat all winter long.

With its continuous line, the leather coat flatters every figure. Casual with jeans and a sweater or for those who like it more chic: worn with a long dress and tights, whatever the mood. Combined with long boots or cool boots in the color of the coat, the line from top to down is hardly interrupted. This results in a slim silhouette and isn’t the bit huge or big-footed.

In addition to the usual brown tones, the leather coat is also a deep wine red this winter season. Black always works and is still the trend color for leather coats. With a bright scarf in your favorite color, you can add a colorful blob of a happy mood to your super cool winter outfit.

Quilted jackets – the cozy, warm long-time favorites

quilted jackets
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They have been an integral part of the autumn and winter scene on the streets for years. It goes without saying that they are part of the trend again! Depending on the thickness of the filling, quilted jackets are suitable as a transition jacket or as a real winter jacket. And with really fat padding, they can easily withstand the nastiest freezing temperatures. There are also models without down, with spare polyester wool, so no animal has to give up feathers. Nevertheless, these quilted jackets are just as cozy and warm and have the advantage that they dry quickly – just in case an icy downpour hits you with a full broadside.

When it comes to quilted jackets, the selection is almost as great as the snowflakes that fall from the sky. This is of course an exaggeration, but there is an incredible variety of shapes and cuts. The straight cut has the edge this year. In order not to fall into the giant trap, you should make sure when buying that the quilting is not too wide. Huge rings are bulging and we don’t want your whole figure to disappear into them in the end. As a rule of thumb, the smaller and more delicate a woman is, the narrower the quilting can be. While tall and slightly stronger women can also wear wider quilting without looking gigantic.

While crass neon colors were popular in recent years, the trend is now back to not quite so shrill tones. But colorful is still beautiful and provides a lively good mood kick in the dark season.

Vest in winter – the sunny must-have

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The Bigfoot look doesn’t stand a chance here! Through the sleeveless shapewear west not even as thick on. A well-lined vest is an absolute must-have for anyone who likes to be outdoors on sunny winter days. Because as soon as the winter sun laughs out from behind the clouds, the thermometer also rises. A vest is ideal for not breaking a sweat.

If you are generally not so frozen, vests are the perfect winter companion. With a fleece jacket or a teddy sweater underneath, they can even brave freezing temperatures. Casually combined with jeans and a matching fleece jacket to wear underneath or worn with woolen tights and a dress or long sweater; The imagination knows no limits. And when it comes to colors: colorful wins – play your game in color: whether cheeky in bright yellow, romantic in pink, or classy in deep black! You will always be well received with a winter vest!

And now, let’s get on the trendy jackets before the run starts and the clothes racks turn empty!