4 Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Humorous And Thus Hide Something

4 Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Humorous And Thus Hide Something

There are people who are reluctant to show their true feelings. Some hide them behind their distinctive humor – especially certain zodiac signs.

Everyone knows such friends or acquaintances. They are astute, humorous and often real mood cannons. But it is often difficult to assess who is actually behind the amusing facade, because as soon as it gets personal, they ignite the next joke.

The intent is sometimes to put an emotional wall of humor around you in order to hide your true feelings from others. Astrology can play a role in this strategy – we’ll tell you which zodiac signs like to hide behind their humor.

These zodiac signs hide their true feelings behind their humor:


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The typical Taurus is in itself a balanced, easy-going, and steady character. In the best case, he rests in himself and also radiates this calm and stability in his environment. But for that he needs a feeling of security and control. And that quickly slips away from him when the subject revolves around his innermost emotions. There is this extremely sensitive core that he is very reluctant to expose, because that could mean for him that he reveals weaknesses. He often covers up this uncertainty with jokes and gags – a pure diversionary maneuver. Taurus can and will only really open up to the few people in whom he has complete trust.


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Geminis are looking for a change, they are extremely sociable and charming, and they love to communicate. Your circle of friends and acquaintances is large. Having fun together is their elixir of life. That is why they sometimes tend to be superficial, because a serious conversation about perhaps not so positive, honest feelings and experiences can spoil a cheerful evening.

Geminis are reluctant to be burdened with the emotional baggage of others. And they prefer to keep their own vulnerable emotional side to themselves – no problem for them, because they were born with humor and acumen. Only in the closest and most familiar circle do twins sometimes allow a peek behind their notoriously cheerful facade.


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Virgo loves and above all needs control. And then it starts with itself first. She tries to put her own feelings aside as much as possible. She approaches her life methodically and analytically, because that gives her security. That’s why she doesn’t like to show emotions and doesn’t really like to be burdened with those of others. She is looking for a kind of balance and emotional lows or heights can have a rather disturbing effect.

In order not to offend others when things get really personal again, she likes to choose the medium of humor. It can sometimes seem a little artificial and artificial, the main thing is that the conversation hopefully takes a different direction.


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The Scorpio is a mildly schizophrenic character in some ways. Outwardly, he appears self-confident, charismatic, powerful and strong-willed. And as long as this self-portrayal works, he is also convinced of his exceptional personality. However, he also has this extremely sensitive, brooding and self-critical side, a latent fear that he might sometimes not be able to meet his own demands and his self-image in reality.

It is above all this emotion that he consistently tries to hide. Often he simply seals himself off, but humor is also a tool of his choice. He can be quite caustic and sarcastic in order to stifle any conversation about his true feelings and sensitivities from the outset. But the Scorpio will also open up sometimes – but only to special people and only if he really wants to.

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