Acupuncture Schools – What is the Yearly Salary of an Acupuncturist?

Or what kind of salary can I expect. If you’re working for someone else, for example, in a clinic with several other practitioners and are an employee, then you would receive a salary.

Generally if you’re going to receive a salary as an acupuncturist you would be getting a job or working under a naturopath or MD or other doctor. Or in some cases it may be a large clinic that may include other acupuncturists. Or you may be able to work in an acupuncture clinic that employs only acupuncturists. In any case your salary will vary depending on the number of hours you’re working.

If you’re working for yourself, then you would be self-employed and not receive a salary. So you would have to consider what kind of expenses and overhead you would have. Would you have partners or be practicing acupuncture by yourself? The amount of overhead you have will greatly determine your profit of course so you would want to keep that as low as possible. It would actually be better to go in on a shoestring as much as possible until you build up a large patient base. The lower you can keep your expenses the better and the greater profits you’ll have.

Assuming you’ve gone to acupuncture school or are considering it, will be a determining factor of course, if you plan to work for someone else. Your salary range can be anywhere from $46,000 to $66,000 depending on your education and experience. If you come in with experience you’ll get a higher salary in most cases. If you’re brand new you may find yourself on the lower end of the salary range. So your years of experience, the type of facility and your level of education will all have some bearing. Also, acupuncturists make more money in some parts of the country more so than others.

The outlook today for acupuncturists is very good. More and more insurance companies are accepting claims for acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture is becoming more and more acceptable by MD’s and other medical and health professionals.

You want to make sure you go to a good school that is accredited to get the proper training. There are schools that are not accredited so you want to be careful that you pick a school that is. You want to take what classes are necessary and not sign up for classes you won’t need. This will cost you more money and time and energy.

So picking a good or the best acupuncture school or college is vitally important and getting the proper licensing where required. If you take the time and take care to do your homework and research you’ll be glad you did in the long run. There is federal money available for both on-campus and online classes. Acupuncture is a great profession and one that will be around for a long, long time.