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Alexa Is Retiring: Which Tools Can Replace It? – Alexa Alternatives


If you have been a big fan of Alexa, then we have some bad news for you. The tool that we have all been using for many years is retiring. Believe it or not, after 25 years of successful work, people will no longer have the chance to use the tool and boost their web traffic. 

People are using the Alexa internet for a wide range of services. It is a useful tool for all individuals that plan to find, reach and convert their online target audience. Despite that, services that are available to us are competitive analysis, keyword research, content research, and other important stuff. Logically, thanks to these opportunities, we could make outstanding content on our website and boost our sales

But, what now? Without any doubt, we will all remember Alexa Internet for a long time. Fortunately, it is not the end of the world. All of its users will now have to switch to some other tool to complete this part of the job. The question is – do alternatives exist? 

Well, when you put into consideration that you are living in the 21st century, then you can be sure the alternatives do exist. There are many of them! But, not all of them are going to provide you with equal quality of services. Because of that, we decided to highlight a couple of tools that will eventually replace Alexa in the future. 

Let’s find them out together!


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We will start the list of best alternatives to Alexa with one of the best American Analytics companies in the world. ComScore is successfully working in this field for 22 years. Thanks to the tool they developed a long time ago and upgraded over time, people from all over the world could use marketing data and analytics to boost their business performances. 

Why does ComScore deserve your attention? In short terms, it is one of the leading websites in terms of digital world measurements. People can get the site ranking report as well as certain keyword statistics for free. The good news is that this tool is international, and people all over the world can use it to expand their business in a particular market. We will see whether ComScore will manage to achieve the same success as Alexa. 


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SimilarWeb is definitely a similar website to Alexa that deserves your attention. Are you looking for a tool that will help you discover some of the most valuable web traffic insights? Do you want to improve your analysis of competitors, market research, and other forms of business development? Well, if that’s the case, then SimilarWeb is an ideal tool for you and it will probably be one of the favorite alternatives to Alexa in the future. 

SimilarWeb is a tool that is developed by a well-known company in the marketing and business world known as SimilarGroup. The basic package brings you a big number of benefits and it is very useful. However, if you want to get some deeper insights, you will have to subscribe to the PRO package to get access to them. But, you can be sure that every single penny you invest is going to pay off in the future. 

Website Informer

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If you are running a blog, this tool may be ideal after Alexa retires. Thanks to the algorithm of the tool, the users can manage to find more information about statistics, similar websites to theirs as well as who their competitors are. The tool itself allows you to find more information about the searchable domains and keywords that will help you boost the traffic to your website. 

Without any doubt, Website Informer deserves your attention. But, did you know that you can use it as an extension as well? Well, that type of benefit will be available to you only if you are a user of Mozilla and Google Chrome. With a couple of clicks, you can activate the Website Informer extension. 


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Quantcast is a company that operates in the technological field for 15 years. Since 2006, the year when they appeared on the market for the first time, they managed to attract millions of clients from all over the world. Their expertise is real-time advertising as well as audience management. Thanks to their knowledge, we got a lovely tool that can be an outstanding alternative to Alexa. 

Does getting more information about nearly 100 million websites and mobile destination looks like something that would meet your expectations? Would you be happy to get that opportunity for free? Well, that’s exactly what you can get with QuantCast. You will easily find out more information about demographics and overall web traffic by using this tool.


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Freemium alternatives to Alexa are probably going to become even more popular when Alexa retires. Compete is a website that you can use without spending a single penny. Are the services you can get valuable? Of course, they are! You will manage to find out more information about the number of visitors to more than 1 million websites in the world. 

The company exists since 2000, and its owner is Bill Gross. During that period, the company was growing slowly, but, suddenly, they exploded, and that is the reason why people are using this tool in many cases.

So, what exactly people can do with Compete? The website allows you to make an in-depth analysis of your direct competitors. Despite that, many professionals have managed to improve their businesses and find new business opportunities thanks to the benefits that this tool offers. 

While you are reading this article, there is also a Pro version of the website that you can get for free. Logically, this is a trial version, but it will give you more information on whether you should spend money on this tool or not. 

Final Thought

We have finally come to the end of this article. It is unclear whether these tools will reach the level of popularity identical to one that Alexa has. However, if you put into consideration all the services they are offering, you can be sure they are going to be an amazing replacement. We will see whether something new will appear on the market in the meantime.

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