3 Tricks That Make Animal Hair A Thing Of The Past

3 Tricks That Make Animal Hair A Thing Of The Past

Our beloved fur noses lose a lot of furs every day. Dog hair and other animal hair collect in all cracks and corners – vacuuming and wiping is not always enough. We’ll tell you how you can remove the hairy problem quickly and easily.

Everyone who lives with a pet with fur quickly realizes that the hair of their favorite is unfortunately mostly not only on their body, but is also distributed around the apartment. They collect in corners, come out from under furniture when airing and, above all, they have the annoying habit of collecting on all kinds of fabrics. Since the fine hairs are often not so easy to brush off again, but only thread deeper and deeper into the fabric with every attempt to remove them, animal hair on upholstered furniture can drive us to despair – especially it likes to put it on our own clothes or who wander from visiting if you sit down innocently. What can you do about it?

Simple tools that everyone has at home. Of course, there are a lot of special products to buy for this problem these days, which are supposed to remedy this. But you don’t necessarily have to spend money and free up space for new cleaning items in the household. Dog hair, cat hair can also be removed quickly and thoroughly with simple tools that everyone has at home.

Rubber gloves

rubber gloves
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Almost every household has a pair of rubber gloves. Both ordinary household gloves and disposable gloves are suitable for removing animal hair. You simply slip it over your hands and then run in circular movements over textiles. Dog hair and other animal hair stick to the rubber and can then be easily removed from the gloves in tufts. If this is not yet effective enough for you, you can increase the effect by moistening the gloves a little every now and then.

This trick is particularly suitable for the couch, where the annoying fur tends to collect in all the cracks. Here you can clean with your hand and individual fingers even in places for which conventional cleaning devices would be too inflexible and bulky.

Window puller

window puller
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The most important device for another insider tip against animal hair is also already available in many households: the window squeegee. The rubber tip can be used not only to remove moisture from windows and shower stalls but also to remove animal hair from carpets. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for carpets with a high pile, but it is ideal for those with a low pile. Just let the window squeegee slide in parallel tracks with light pressure from top to bottom, as when cleaning a pane of glass on the carpet. Here, too, you can increase the depilatory effect, as with gloves, by slightly moistening the rubber lip.

The window squeegee is well suited for removing dog hair and other animal hair on larger, straight surfaces in a short time. You can also use it for the backrest and seat of a sofa, the bedspread on the bed, or something similar.

If you do not always want to bend down or slip on your knees when cleaning carpets, you can also try the larger version of a window squeegee with a handle, a so-called squeegee or floor squeegee.

Nylon stockings

nylon stockings
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Another tool in the fight against annoying animal hair falls on its own, at least in some households: Discarded nylon stockings. Some people may have noticed that the fine material is electrically charged through friction – which is an ideal prerequisite for attracting hair. Therefore, a nylon stocking pulled over the hand is ideal for removing animal hair from clothing. The soft stocking cannot damage the fabric of the clothing and is easy to shape so that sleeves and cuffs can also be depilated easily. However, you should definitely choose nylon stockings for this anti-animal hair trick that you have already discarded because they are full of holes or even fluffy. Then you can then throw it away together with the collected hair.

You can also remove hair from carpets and sofas with nylon stockings. However, the stockings break easily when rubbed on firmer surfaces and a pair of stockings is not necessarily sufficient to clean an entire carpet. Therefore, the method of removing animal hair with nylon stockings is best for depilating clothing that is worn on the body.

With these three tricks mentioned, you can get rid of pet hair in your apartment and on your clothes without a major investment. Nothing stands in the way of the next cuddling around with your four-legged friend!

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