At This Time You Should Apply Your Deodorant So That It Works Better

At This Time You Should Apply Your Deodorant So That It Works Better

How effective the effect of deodorant against sweat and odor is depended, among other things, on the time of day you apply it. We’ll tell you the crucial tricks.

We all sweat – even when we are resting, without any physical exertion. We secrete at least half a liter of sweat every day. If sport or stress comes into play, it can be considerably more. The sweat itself doesn’t smell at first. But various bacteria immediately begin to decompose it, supported by body temperature. The degradation products then just smell unpleasant. That is why we use deodorant or antiperspirant with an antibacterial effect, which should at least keep our armpits fresh. How well such a deodorant works depends on how and when you use it.

Even without deodorant, you can do something against sweat and odor

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Regardless of whether and which deodorant you use, according to the experts, you can do a few things in advance to generally reduce odor under the armpits. It starts with the right clothing. It should be breathable, natural fibers such as cotton, linen or silk are best. The odor-causing bacteria feel particularly comfortable in the armpit hair, regular shaving keeps them in check, smooth armpits smell less. Even so, smooth skin sweats, so give me the deodorant. Now it comes down to how and when to use it best.

How to use your deodorant correctly

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Let’s start with the basic rules and the no-gos first. A deodorant must always be applied to freshly washed and dry skin. If there is not enough time for a shower, you should clean your armpits with a mild washing lotion before applying. Deodorant does not work against old sweat, but is only antibacterial against new sweat. If deodorant comes into contact with decomposed sweat, depending on the scent of the deodorant, this may even intensify the bad smell.

After spraying or rolling up, the deodorant must be fully absorbed. You should wait at least five minutes before getting dressed. And you should do without deodorant immediately after shaving your armpits. After that, the skin is particularly sensitive and the finest cuts or cracks may have formed which, for example, can lead to irritation, redness or inflammation due to fragrances or alcohols in the deodorant. After a shave, you should give the sensitive armpit skin a few hours of rest. If you consider all of this, you only have to know one trick to optimize the deodorant effect.

It is not just a question of how, but also when

You can achieve the best deodorant protection as follows: Apply your deodorant to the, as already mentioned, clean and dry armpits in the evening before going to bed. At night the sweat glands are less active and the deodorant can develop its antibacterial effect particularly well. When you then shower again the following morning or clean your armpits, there will be hardly any bacteria left. Then you apply deodorant again. Under these conditions, it should reliably keep you fresh all day. In the evening there is another cleaning and the cycle starts all over again. That way, armpit sweat, and odor should no longer be an issue.

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