What you need to know on Canine Infertility?


What can you probably deduce from canine infertility? Maybe something that you won’t take seriously as it is definitely different from human infertility. But if you were a dog breeder, then the news will come as a shock to realize that their female and male dogs they have bought can’t breed. It is especially damaging to their reputation as a breeder. For those that purchase a pet as a hobby, canine infertility is not something they will be overly concerned. It is common for most pet owners to get their dog fixed so as not to have such problem. If you belong to the category of pet owners that want your dog to produce puppies, then a little knowledge will do you no harm.

The basis for Canine Infertility

One of the main causes of canine infertility is the time where it was breed. Common to human breeding, the act of producing puppies will have to be done at a certain time or it will be difficult for the dog to get pregnant. The pet could be very healthy but the ovulation timing could be wrong. The next thing you have to do is to get the male and female canine to attempt it when the next cycle comes. That is the main reason for up to eighty percent of the female dogs that do not get pregnant. The next common reason for canine infertility is the infertility of the male dog that was brought to breed with the female dog.

For that you will have to get the male dog tested but that is usually done only when problems arise and canine infertility is quite common in males. The cycles of female canine are equally vital when compared to women’s cycle. If you don’t get the female canine into the heat as it should be, canine infertility can occur. Besides that, they are other medical reasons that cause canine infertility. The reason could be bacterial or some other causes. The cause of canine infertility can be many and varied but seeking the help of a veterinarian can provide a solution to the problem, so it best to seek it instead of leaving to nature.

Overcoming Canine Infertility could be puppies galore

Most pet owners and dog breeder prefer to see the joy of puppies running around. But once your dogs are infertile, then that will be impossible. Therefore it is vital to get your veterinarian as involved as possible while you are breeding the pet dog so to ensure the end result is what you desired. To ensure that you are free of canine infertility worry, get your pet dog examined.

What Foods to Avoid with Ibs


There are five main symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and almost all of them can be triggered by eating the wrong foods. Here is a list of foods that can trigger or acerbate some of the IBS symptoms. Use this handy guide to help you manage your condition.


Refined foods like cereals, chips, and cookies

High-protein diets

Dehydrating drinks like coffee and alcohol (especially red wine)



The best way to alleviate constipation is to eat more fiber, at least 15 grams per day. You may experience more gas and bloating when you increase your fiber intake, but that should wear off after a couple of weeks. Drinking more water and exercising on a regular basis can also get things moving.


Products containing caffeine like chocolate, tea, and coffee

Greasy, high-fat foods like pizza and sausage

Dairy products, particularly if you are lactose intolerant

If you are gluten intolerant, then wheat, rye, and barley will upset your intestines

Foods high in sugar

Artificial fats like Olestra

Excessive amounts of fiber

Fried foods

Strangely enough, eating more fiber will also alleviate diarrhea. Fiber adds bulk to bowel movements and prevents colon spasms. Eating smaller meals reduces the stress on the gastrointestinal system. You should also avoid gas-producing foods because they can worsen diarrhea.


Artificial sweeteners

Sugar-free products like gum and ice cream

Diet sodas containing artificial sweeteners

Avoid overeating, and eat slowly. Don’t consume foods that only add air to the stomach like sodas. Bloating is commonly caused by constipation, so treating that condition will often also alleviate bloating.


Vegetables: beans, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, garlic, leeks, onions

Fruits: raisins, bananas, pears, peaches, apricots, melons


Artificial sweeteners

Sugar-free products like gum and ice cream

Carbonated drinks like sodas

Foods containing high-fructose corn syrup

Like bloating, gas often results from eating too fast which can cause excess air to get into the stomach. Take your time eating and avoid airy foods like carbonated drinks. Smoking can also contribute to gas forming, so you should consider quitting.

You can avoid IBS flare ups by eliminating trigger foods from your diet. If you find you are still suffering from irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, taking medication can help. We found several over-the-counter medications that can alleviate IBS symptoms without the unpleasant side effects associated with many prescription drugs.

Underwater Restaurant



The only restaurant in the world where guests can eat underwater while observing hundreds of sea creatures in their natural surrounding – by day or night
An underwater gastronomic experience is waiting for you, about 5 meters below sea level, in the restaurant of the Red Sea Star. Enjoy a wide variety of exotic dishes in a magical atmosphere of beauty and peace, while observing through giant windows the colorful underwater coral garden and an endless shifting panorama of marine life in all their kaleidoscopic splendor. Next to almost every table in the restaurant there are two personal windows through which guests can observe the underwater surrounding – one in the wall, to which the table is attached, and the other in the ceiling above it. The restaurant of the Red Sea Star has a very rich and exclusive menu, including fish, meet etc.

At night the underwater garden surrounding the “Star” is softly lit, without disturbing its natural inhabitants (using specific light colors, specific wave length etc.), offering the visitors a unique “dry diving” experience at night as they eat. Ultimately, it all adds up to a wonderful exotic feast of the senses, which is simply unforgettable – a superior pleasure of colors and tastes.

The restaurant of the Red Sea Star is, no doubt, one of the most romantic places in the world.

The restaurant of the Red Sea Star has seating for 105 guests.

It is possible to celebrate unique personal events in the restaurant.

The restaurant of the Red Sea Star is open daily (including weekends and holidays) from 12:00 a.m. till 24:00 p.m.

About Us


Underwater Restaurant, Bar and Observatory

Tel: 08-634-7777
Fax: 08-634-7171
[email protected]

In the water of the Red Sea, seventy meters off the shore of Eilat, a unique underwater attraction was created – the Red Sea Star – the only underwater restaurant and bar in the world.
At the Red Sea Star you can enjoy:

Exotic and delicious seafood and meat dishes in the underwater restaurant, while merging with the amazing underwater sea world in its natural surrounding.
A large selection of drinks and beverages in a romantic peaceful atmosphere at the unique underwater bar.
Wining, dining and partying in style to the sound of music of the 60s, 70s and 80s in the “Metro Bar” our upper dance bar on the beautiful wooden deck, ten meters above the sea level, overlooking the magical view of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Edom mountains.
Situated on the entrance floor of the Red Sea Star is a modern luxurious auditorium with 90 seats, in which lectures are given to organized groups.
The Red Sea Star has been receiving extensive coverage throughout the world since its establishment, especially because of the unique concept it was based on, its exceptional construction process, its fascinating interior design and the fact that it is a “green” project, which contributes profoundly to the preservation of the coral reef surrounding it.

The Red Sea Star was constructed by first line experts using special resources and equipment imported from all around the world. The underwater floor of the complex is shaped like a star, displaying a fascinating marine-world interior design admired throughout the world. The underwater floor functions as an observatory, in which the underwater restaurant and bar are located.

The Red Sea Star enables you to “sense the sea” through a “dry diving experience” and to discover the magnificent and exciting underwater world of the Red Sea. A breathtaking view of hundreds of various tropical sea creatures in the colorful coral garden is seen through 62 panoramic amorphous windows surrounding the observatory, located five meters below the sea level.

The Red Sea Star is probably the only night-observatory in the world. Our guests enjoy the rare sight of the aquatic kingdom at night, when the underwater garden is softly lit, without disturbing the natural inhabitants.

The Red Sea Star is a “green” project. Our marine life experts and skilled divers have been working for years to save, reconstruct, preserve and nurture the coral reef surrounding the project.

The site is open daily (including weekends and holidays) from 10:00 a.m. till 01:00 a.m.