3 Heavenly Drinks With Avocado Liqueur!-Cocktail Recipes

3 Heavenly Drinks With Avocado Liqueur!-Cocktail Recipes

From now on, the avocado doesn’t just belong on the plate, but also in the glass – in the form of fruity avocado liqueur. With these recipes, you can give your long drink a special touch and provide colorful variety!

Whether as a morning toast spread, delicious salad topping, or healthy brownie ingredient: the avocado has taken our kitchens by storm. No wonder, after all, the green power fruit is not only rich in nutrients, it also tastes incredibly good. But the avocado can do a lot more! For example, have you ever tried a drink with avocado?

The delicious taste and the juicy green color actually fit perfectly in the glass. In the following fruity recipes, creamy avocado liqueur meets classics such as rum and gin – perfect for a summer cocktail evening.

Delicious! Cocktail recipes with avocado

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Would you like fresh inspiration for the next cocktail evening? Then we might have just the thing for you: The delicious cocktail recipes are not only child’s play, but also provide an exotic taste thanks to their fruity avocado note.

Good to know: Avocado liqueur has a velvety, creamy consistency and is a vegan alternative to eggnog. If you like it easier, you can use the clear “Avocado Dry Spirit”. 

Exotic avocado cocktail: Slothy

avocado margarita
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What you need:

4 cl rum (white)
4 cl avocado liqueur (e.g. from Abacaty )
coconut water
ice cubes
cocktail shaker


First, put some ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. 

Pour in rum, avocado liqueur, and coconut water.

Shake it, baby! Mix the ingredients in the shaker until the cocktail is nice and cold. 

Now the drink can be poured into the cocktail glass through a sieve.

Decorate and enjoy!

Summer avocado cocktail: Brazil Booze

brazil booze
img source: images.bstatic.de

What you need:

5 cl Rum (dark)
2 cl Avocado Dry Spirit (z. B. from Abacaty)
to taste ginger beer or ginger ale for filling


Put the ice cubes in a suitable glass.

Add rum and “Avocado Dry Spirit”.

Fill the glass with ginger beer or ginger ale to taste.

Decorate the drink with a lime and a straw and serve it chilled.

Classic avocado cocktail: Avocado Martini

avocado martini
img source: simplot-media.azureedge.net

What you need:

6 cl dry gin
1 cl vermouth
1 cl avocado dry spirit (e.g. from Abacaty)
ice cube


Put some ice cubes in a mixing glass.

Pour in gin, vermouth, and “Avocado Dry Spirit”. 

Now it’s time to stir properly! The cocktail should get nice and cold.

Pour the drink through a strainer into a cocktail glass.

Decorate with an avocado slice and enjoy cold.

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