What Really Helps On Bad Hair Days?

What Really Helps On Bad Hair Days?

Let’s not kid ourselves: Everyone has to struggle with bad hair days from time to time. Hair problem number one is oily hair that just looks unkempt, even if it is washed regularly. But you can do something about it.

Causes of oily hair

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One way to get rid of oily hair is to use tried and tested remedies. But before you resort to chemistry, it is worth researching the cause. Because sometimes the right tip helps to get rid of the hair condition in no time.

Do not wash too hot: Get used to keeping the temperature rather lukewarm when showering.

Do not comb too often: Brushes with natural bristles are gentle on the scalp and protect against over-irritation.

Hats off: Hair should not be covered too often by baseball caps and the like so that it can breathe freely.

Don’t wash too often: Contrary to popular belief that only unkempt people who wash their hair too seldom suffer from greasy hair, it is more the case that incorrect or excessive care can be the trigger.

Tip: less is more! Do not use excessive amounts of shampoo and conditioner and prefer to use natural products.

Home remedies for oily hair

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Oily hair results from excessive sebum production, and often there is also greasy dandruff. Therefore, you should ensure that the pH value of the scalp is neutralized so that the fat production of the sebum glands normalizes. Home remedies such as lemon, apple cider vinegar, chamomile tea, and black tea, cedar essential oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, or eucalyptus oil promise relief.

You can also easily make your shampoo yourself by grating 15 grams of pure curd soap into small flakes with a kitchen grater and then dissolving it with warm water. As soon as the lye is lukewarm, add half a teaspoon of cedar oil and the shampoo is ready. Remember to massage the mixture in well and let it work for three minutes!

Quick help on bad hair days

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Bad hair day and there is no time to wash your hair? Then dry shampoo helps best. But don’t worry if you don’t have one at hand. Because here too, home remedies can help:

Baby powder: Simply sprinkle a little baby powder on the head, massage in, and brush out – this works like a degreasing cure.

Flour: Flour is a cheap alternative to dry shampoos and works just as easily as baby powder.

Of course, neither baby powder nor flour can replace regular hair washing. But you should definitely use the right shampoo. Anti-fat shampoos contain many washing-active substances (surfactants) and a few moisturizing components. Shampoos that are too aggressive could dry out the scalp, causing the sebum glands to react by producing even more fat. Make sure that it is a particularly mild shampoo that contains chamomile, rosemary, horsetail, or yarrow – these herbal extracts are particularly effective in the fight against fat formation. If these do not help after a few weeks of use, you should consult a dermatologist – he can prescribe medical shampoos with selenium or tar.

Important: Avoid using silicone or oil-based care products even after washing. It is sufficient to only work hair treatments into the lengths of the hair and leave out the scalp. When blow-drying, make sure to protect your hair from too much heat. If possible, you should refrain from using it altogether and rather let your hair air dry. Stay away from hair gel or hair wax! Volume mousse and hairspray are more suitable for styling.

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