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5 Bag Trends For Autumn

by Sarah Smith
bag colection

We probably all agree that a woman can never have enough bags. Since this little luxury can often become very expensive very quickly, we have put together five bag trends for you that you should definitely invest in this fall.

You never have something to wear in your closet and rarely the right bag to go with your outfit. No matter how full it is. A few new alternatives can never hurt? We have put together five bag trends for autumn for you to give you a little shopping inspiration.

Chunky chain bags

Chunky chain bag

img source: static.purseblog.com

We are starting with the Chunky Chain Bags, as they are the absolute pioneers this autumn. We find them with the most gifted designers and now also in more affordable versions. In any case, it is certain that this trend is a real eye-catcher with every outfit.

70s bags

70s bags

img source: bagsnob.com

A little boho chic has never harmed anyone and besides that, the 70s bags are also quite spacious with their box-like shape – to accommodate everything you need on the way in autumn.

Granny Bags

granny bags, floral

img source: 5.imimg.com

We all understand Granny Bags that add a little vintage charm to our outfit. The look should be rather clean so that it doesn’t look too old-fashioned and the bag remains a statement.

Soft day clutches

clutch bag

img source: sc04.alicdn.com

You are one of the darlings of the fashionistas and also practical by the way. In addition to its soft feel, you can stow tons of it in it, hard to believe. The Soft Day Clutches can be carried in the hand or under the arm.

XL shopper

xl shopper

img source: jantienbaas.nl

Not only beautiful but also extremely practical. The XL shoppers are the perfect companions for autumn and winter. You can easily stow everything you need against the cold weather.

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