Basic Weight Loss Tips

These are basic tips about weight loss, you probably heard them all before but I really just want to put them in one place to make it easy for you.

• Drink at least eight 8 ounce [2 L] glasses of water per day. When I say water I mean just water no water flavorings, not TEA, not coffee just water. If you struggle with the “taste” of water try adding lemon, lime, cucumbers or mint to your water.
• Try not to eat two hours before bedtime, if you need to close when you go to sleep it can cause you to have a very disruptive sleep as well as it doesn’t allow you to optimize your fat burning through the night.
• Consume your first meal (preferable a protein/carb meal) within 20 minutes of rising, this kickstarts the metabolism and helps to keep you full throughout the day.
• Do not get hungry! This is so important as soon as you hungry typically you will start looking for food any food that’s close and convenient and usually those aren’t the best choices. Eating every 2.5-3 hours should keep hunger from striking.
• Think about different ways to make vegetables, raw veggies can get boring really fast. I bought a rice cooker and brought it to work and steam vegetables in it because I don’t like the way that microwave vegetables taste. You can also make vegetable soups, vegetable smoothies, vegetable juices. Even different preparations of vegetables make them taste different: think about all the different ways there is to prepare vegetables: boiling, steaming, roasting, grilling, raw, juicing. Think of all the different ways that you can sneak vegetables in think using spinach as a binder for meatballs instead of breadcrumbs.
• Consume hot liquids throughout your day, hot liquids help keep you satiated. Think outside the box at this one there is more than just coffee or tea. I personally am addicted to looseleaf tea and have about 20 different flavors in my cupboard I have a different flavor for almost every craving that I have. There are also things like chicken broth , beef broth, vegetable broth, warm water with lemon, warm protein shakes… The options are endless I personally like chocolate protein shake heated up with a little bit of instant coffee it to create a mocha flavor.
• Cut out empty calories! Think about things that you drink that don’t really make you full but at up to a ton of calories. Some examples are cows milk, pop, fruit juice, V-8 juice, Gatorade, lattes, slurpees.
• Use lots of different spices! Spices are one of my biggest expenses. Because different spices and different combinations of spices can make the same food taste totally different. Also think about adding cinnamon to things it’s an almost 0 cal food that has a ton of proven health benefits including lowering cholesterol in regulating blood sugar.
• If you’re going to supplement please take good ones. Buying the big bottles of pills for 10 bucks at the big box stores is not the way to go. These are not high-quality supplements and your body will have a hard time absorbing them you might as will be flushing your money down the toilet. Visit a locally owned health-food store, I find that these types of stores have the best prices with the best quality product. I stay away from big chains when purchasing supplements. Plus your shopping locally which is always good! Spend a little bit more and your body will get what it needs from them.