These Are The Most Beautiful Shades Of Blonde

These Are The Most Beautiful Shades Of Blonde

Radiantly beautiful – these are definitely the most stylish blonde tones in 2021! This year there is a lot for all blondies. From Hollywood chic to cool ice tones – 2021 promises beautiful blonde prospects.

Blondes are clearly not all blondes. This is also shown by the latest trend blonde tones in 2021. If you want to try something new this year in terms of hair color, you are spoiled for choice – because there is definitely no shortage of great blonde tones in 2021.

Hollywood Blond

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With this beautiful shade of blonde, a red carpet is rolled out right in front of your feet. The golden Hollywood blonde is reminiscent of the mane of our favorite movie stars and exudes a lot of glamors. The warm blonde tone gives us casually, but also dreamy boho vibes.  

Baby Blond

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You don’t want it to be platinum blonde right away, but do you love beautiful, super light blonde tones? Then give it a try this year with the trendy baby blonde hair color. Baby Blond is a warm blonde tone that is elegantly pepped up with almost white highlights. Due to the mixture of warm and cool blonde tones, Baby Blond suits all different skin types.

Nude Beige Blond

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The nude beige blonde was already totally in trend a few years ago and will also be one of the most beautiful blonde tones in 2021. The color looks supernatural thanks to its light beige honey tone and can be conjured up with a few highlights on every already blonde head. As with every shade of blonde, care is of course important here so that your shiny blonde hair is kept as long as possible.

Earth blond

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For those who have enough to constantly recolor their approach, the ideal blonde will also be included in 2021. With Earth-Blond it doesn’t matter how far the approach has already grown out, because it is part of the look. The blonde is very gentle in honey-colored or sandy tones. If you currently still have dark hair, you can help a little with balayage and the natural look can also be adjusted a bit with blondes.

Ice blonde

ice blonde
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If you like it a bit more conspicuous, the new trend color ice blonde is the perfect choice for you. The icy hair color is not a typical blonde as we usually know it. Lavender tones are worked into the icy cool blonde, which gently shines through. The approach is deliberately a little darker, for example, colored in a cool gray.

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