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The Environmental Benefits Of Shredding Paper


It is indeed true that shredding paper is beneficial in many ways. For instance, one primary reason why several corporations prefer to shred papers and documents is to strengthen and protect data. Plus, it helps to upgrade internal security and is an excellent way to boost paper-reduction procedures in a firm. However, do you know that shredding paper is highly advantageous to the environment? 

It helps in providing vital environmental sustainability. Currently, more individuals and companies are trying to incorporate sustainability everywhere, including homes, office rooms, and even in their lifestyles. For that, shredding paper is proven to be beneficial rather than sending it into waste. 

Fundamental Stats Related To Paper Shredding And Environment 

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Here are some of the best stats about the environment and paper shedding. They are present in prominent researches, studies and will help you understand most of the benefits of cutting paper. 

According to many studies, conserving forest areas is one of the several advantages of shredding and recycling used paper. The procedure of generating paper utilizes substantial quantities of water and energy. It also includes pumping additional contaminants into the environment. But, slicing and recycling one ton of paper indicates the usage of 50% less water, 65% less energy, and 72% less pollution. 

As per the information from the Environmental Protection Agency, if you toss one piece of paper into the garbage, that paper occupies about 33% of the typical solid waste surge. However, shredding that paper and then reusing it after recycling will reduce the total quantity of solid waste. 

Another study revealed that every individual in the US alone generates approximately five pounds of garbage associated with paper daily. However, the recent analysis mentioned that several companies are now dedicating themselves to the ideas of shredded paper and recycling. For example, if 1.3 million pound paper is shredded, it implies that:  

More than 11,000 trees are protected 

About 4M kWh of electricity is saved

Around 3,200 cubic yards of waste does not go to the dump yards 

Over 5M gallons of water are saved 

Nearly 930,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions are deterred.

What Are The Major Environmental Advantages Of Shredding Paper?

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 If you want to get equipment for shredding paper, it is best to acquire it from, and they have been in this field for about 36 years. Below we will talk about some of the primary environmental advantages of shredding paper. 

Lessening The Forest Deforestation 

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One primary benefit of stripping paper is reducing forest deforestation. Generally, in order to make a single ton of paper, a total of 17 trees are necessary. Every year, Americans utilize about 80 million tons of paper. Then, can you imagine how many trees are required to meet the global paper demand? 

By shredding and recycling paper, it is possible to produce recycled paper. Due to that, there is a reduction in the total number of trees necessary for generating those papers. Hence, we can save some percent of trees, which helps to provide more oxygen, take away more carbon dioxide, enhance air quality, and support whole ecosystems. 

Curtails Total Water Consumption 

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Shredding paper also helps in decreasing heavy water consumption. The paper manufacturing plants tend to use 324 liters of water only to make a single kilogram of paper. In addition to that, these factories need the massive industrial usage of water, based on the per pound basis. In other words, the paper manufacturing industry is the third-largest all over the world, which absorbs high quantities of fossil fuels. 

Produces Less Waste 

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Every year, millions of tons of paper waste are being produced. As the paper has a broad usage market globally, the total waste percent is relatively high. Shredding paper and recycling it for further use will reduce the amount of entire waste. In addition to that, it is a safe method to use paper without getting in contact with harmful substances. 

 As of now, there are several landfill areas in many locations, which are filled with garbage. They are taking up too much space and are contaminating the nearby surrounding air and water bodies. Hence, shredding and recycling the paper assists in reducing the total landfill sites. A singleton of recycled paper can free about 3.3 cubic yards of landfill area. 

Decrease In Landslides  

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In a study, it is demonstrated that forest deforestation and damage to the natural water canals are some of the possible causes of landslides. So, if you shred the paper for recycling, there will be a decrease in the total number of trees that are chopped for producing paper. Plus, it is possible to recycle that paper about 5 to 7 times. 

Consuming Less Energy 

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Making paper uses up plenty of energy which leads to an increase in toxic greenhouse gas emissions. However, recycling one ton of shredded paper can save about 4,000 kilowatts of energy than producing paper directly from trees. By using less energy, it will be relatively easy to save nonrenewable resources like coal and natural gas. 

Production Of Compost 

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The minced paper is an excellent by-product of the compost. Choosing to unload the shredded paper in an environmentally friendly method is best rather than trashing it in the large dump. Hence, the old papers and documents turn to compost, and you can use this rich organic mix to spread in soil and around plants. 

Offers Economical Benefits 

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The total cost to generate paper is relatively expensive because it comprises labor expenses, energy expenses, transport expenses, machine expenses, chemical expenses, and many more. By shredding and recycling the papers, there will be a reduction in the real price of paper. 

Bottom Line 

As you have seen, it is crystal clear that there are plenty of benefits of shredding paper not just for data security but for the environment as well. Hence, make sure not to waste too much paper. If you have a large amount of paper, start shredding and recycling them for further use.