What Is The Best Choice Of Perfume For Fall?- Popular Fragrances

What Is The Best Choice Of Perfume For Fall?- Popular Fragrances

What does the perfume autumn 2021 smell like? For citrus fruits, cashmere, or vanilla. We’ll tell you which 5 fragrances are trendy now.

Just in time for the beginning of autumn, we like to look around for new outfits, the color of our nail polish changes from rose to dark red, and the hair that has been breached by the sun is tinted a few tones darker at the hairdresser. Our scent belongs to our outfit in exactly the same way – we change it with the season. We have put together five new fragrances for this autumn, which should help you to find the right fragrance for autumn 2021.

For a warm feeling: Givenchy 


img source: perfumes.id

The sweet fragrance from the traditional company Givenchy combines tuberose, orange blossom, and vanilla notes. The salty scent of sesame in this combination offers a surprise. This oriental and intense fragrance is a perfect companion for autumn and gives us a warm feeling. 

For a late summer freshness: Kenzo World Power

kenzo world power
img source: dijaspora.shop

If you don’t want to or can’t say goodbye to summer, the new fragrance from the World line is just right for you. Tonka bean in the base note, musk in the heart note, and salty flower in the top note create a flowery fragrance that wraps you once more in a late summer freshness. 

Flowery and feminine as a contrast: Chloé

img source: parfimerijatajna.rs

Chloé’s new fragrance Rose Tangerine is, as always, typical of the traditional French house. Flowery and feminine, the fragrance envelops us in a composition of tangerine and currant, which meets rose and cedarwood. This fragrance brings French chic into your gray autumn everyday life. 

Autumn Instagram favorite: My Way by Armani

my way by armani
img source: albuksha.com

The new fragrance from Armani is called “My Way” and is currently flooding our Instagram feed with enthusiastic reports about the perfume. The fragrance captivates with the freshness of bergamot and orange blossom. In the middle note it envelops us with jasmine and tuberose, the base is formed by the intense notes of vanilla and cedarwood. What’s also new is that you don’t have to throw away your bottle. Armani offers a refill for this fragrance and thus ushers in a sustainable packaging age.

Autumn 2021 in a perfume: Voce Viva by Valentino 

voce viva by valentino
img source: fimgs.net

The new perfume  Voce Viva from Valentino envelops us with a perfect autumnal, floral-woody fragrance. It is a combination of bergamot, the sweet aroma of mandarin, and the tangy freshness of ginger. Orange blossom in the heart note makes it even softer and more feminine. Of course, what we don’t want to miss with a fragrance in autumn is vanilla and the scent of moss – all of this makes it the perfect companion in autumn!

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