What Are The Best Colors For The Walls In Your Apartment?- Decoration Tips

What Are The Best Colors For The Walls In Your Apartment?- Decoration Tips

In color psychology, each color has its own meaning. With the targeted use of color, you can influence your mood and create the ideal atmosphere. We’ll tell you which wall colors are perfect for painting your apartment.

Yellow, orange, and red

orange walls in kitchen
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As is well known, almost every party ends in the kitchen. So it only makes sense to paint your kitchen in a stimulating color. Color psychology advises: yellow, orange, and red stimulate the appetite and wake you up. The warm colors are ideal for painting the walls in the dining room or kitchen.

Since the kitchen often has very little wall space, the color can be really bright. Sun yellow, marigold orange and fire red bring happiness and warmth in the kitchen and dining area and stimulate the appetite.

Purple and rose

lavander walls in bedroom
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It’s best to choose a calm and relaxed color for the bedroom wall. Blue-tinged purple tones are just right here. Lavender and lilac calm you down and make you fall asleep relaxed. Make sure that the purple hue is not too red-tinged, as otherwise, according to color psychology, it has a stimulating and awakening effect.

If you prefer light, you should choose a delicate rosé. The red component is greatly weakened by the pastel shade and is therefore also suitable for the bedroom.

Beige, brown, and gray

beige living room
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During the day you spend the longest time in the living room. Therefore, the living room should be inviting and cozy. Do you really want to paint your living room in your favorite color? From color psychology we know: we often quickly get tired of strong color tones. Therefore, you should paint the living room in a neutral base color. Beige and brown tones, such as cappuccino or caramel, are ideal wall colors.

Even if it might sound uncomfortable at first glance, you can also paint the walls of your living room gray. The reason: browns and grays are neutral colors that can be combined with almost anything. Set accents with your favorite color: sofa cushions, curtains, accessories, decorative items, a colorfully upholstered chair, or a bedspread bring out even the brightest favorite color. Plus point: Depending on the mood, you can change the color of your living room again and again!


blue walls in toilet
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Unfortunately, the bathroom is often a small room. In some apartments, a bathroom doesn’t even have a window. It is, therefore, all the more important to paint the walls with refreshing and invigorating wall paint. The blue palette is ideal: cool gray-blue, aquamarine, or Caribbean turquoise blue give the room an instant holiday feeling, especially in combination with white tiles.

The ideal decoration is beach accessories, seashells, or starfish. By the way: you should always use waterproof paint in the bathroom to avoid mold and water stains.


green walls in office
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Have you ever wondered why blackboards are always green? It has a simple explanation: green is the most pleasing to the eye and doesn’t tire us out.

So if you work in a room with green walls, you not only maintain your concentration for a long time but also stimulate your creativity. Green is the ideal color to use to paint the walls in your study.


white hallway
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The typical hallway is narrow, small, and has no natural light source. Such a room absolutely needs a light wall color in order to look a bit larger. Dark colors would make the room even smaller and overwhelm you. The classic white wall is just right for the hallway. So that it does not appear clinically sterile, you can hang the white walls with great family photos in characteristic picture frames.


walls in nursery room
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Children love colors. They just don’t feel comfortable in a sterile room. That is why several wall colors are allowed to come together in the children’s room. The sleeping corner is painted in calming shades of blue, the play corner is in stimulating colors. Paint the walls in the nursery in your child’s favorite colors.

You can also incorporate thematic motifs: Green walls with little monkeys and colorful parrots; tropical fish on a blue background; colorful flowers on a pink wall. You and your child can let your creativity run free in the children’s room.

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