10 Of The Best Israeli Street Foods

10 Of The Best Israeli Street Foods

Checking out the local street food is always a great way to experience something different when traveling in other countries. Interestingly, every country has something special to offer when it comes to local cuisine. Also, it is the best way to learn more about the local culture. On the other hand, more luxurious restaurants share many similarities, while local fast food is the best way to taste something different and unique. In that matter, is always a good option to read some street food reviews before you visit any country.

If you are planning to travel to Israel, you can expect to see many attractions. Also, you will be surprised by the selection of delicious food that you can find in local fast-food restaurants. There are many differences when compared with western countries, where the most common street food options are pizza, hot-dog, and burger. We are going to introduce you to the best food that you should try in Israel.


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This is the most popular Israeli food. Interestingly, it is gaining in popularity all over the world in recent years. This food is made of chickpeas and beans. It is served in thin bread, and you can choose different salads to improve the taste. The most popular options are tahini, hummus, pickles, fries, various fresh salads, and much more. Also, you don’t need to worry about this food being fresh since most fast food places will prepare it in front of you.


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While it is mostly used as a side dish, you will notice that people are serving it with a wide range of recipes. Also, unlike the food that you can find in most places in western countries, this food is healthy. The standard recipe represents the combination of chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, olive oil, and additional additives that can lead to different tastes, like adding chilly, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, and more. Moreover, you will notice how better it is than the hummus available in stores.


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Another unique option that you will find in this country is Shawarma. It is popular across the whole Middle East. Also, there are many similarities with the Gyros, which is Greek national food. You can choose between turkey, veal, chicken, or try all of them together. What makes it different from Gyros is the selection of side dishes and salads. The most common is tahini, which is adding to almost all dishes, pickles, and more. Also, you can choose to eat it on sliced bread or a plate.


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If you are looking for a fast way to eat something on the go that will be enough before lunch or dinner, you can find bagels on almost every corner. However, you should check if they are fresh since that will provide the best taste. Also, you can combine it with different spices as well. A combination with hummus is a popular option for breakfast in Israel.


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This is a perfect option for breakfast or dinner. It is simple but quite delicious food made of eggs and tomatoes. Also, there are many flavors added with spices. The interesting fact is that it is common for street food places to experiment with different combinations of aromas to get a more unique taste. Therefore, it can be a great way for you to experience different flavors while exploring the country.

Mixed Grill

Mixed Grill
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While many of these dishes are quite affordable, the mixed grill is the cheapest but still very delicious recipe that you will find. Like Shakshuka, we can notice that many places are experimenting with additional flavors to make a unique taste. The standard recipe is made of fried chicken and lots of spices. Also, you can eat it on bread with hummus, tahini, and other side dishes.


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As we already mentioned, hummus is the most popular food, and it is used as a spice in many other options. Also, there is a different version of it, where chickpeas are replaced with fava. Besides that, there are many other ingredients and different amounts of them which makes Ful a great option for lunch.


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If you are looking for food that you can eat while walking on the street and enjoy your stay in Israel, we suggest you don’t skip trying Burika. It represents a unique version of a tortilla made with eggs, tomatoes, and other vegetables. It is widely spread and represents a cheap and delicious snack.


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If you are looking for something sweet as a snack, Babka is a unique version of pastry that resembles a combination between a pancake and a regular cake. It is stuffed with chocolate and honey. Also, it’s a version of the cake that is popular in Poland, which is the main reason for the name. Besides Babka, other popular deserts are Kichel, Hamantash, Kunafah, and more.


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Many people will be surprised when they notice how common it is to combine food with thin bread here. Besides falafel and much other food, we have to mention the Sabich, which contains a lot of vegetables, boiled eggs, spices, and tahini. It is usually served over the bread with side dishes. You should try eating by taking the pieces of Sabich with bread altogether.

Last Words

What makes the cuisine of this country so unique is the mixture of exotic spices and national food. Besides that, you will find many places where you can order fresh juice, and they will also prepare it in front of you. The outstanding fact is that most of the street food available in Israel is much healthier than those that are widely spread in Europe and northern America.

Most of these recipes are quite simple, but the perfect combination of ingredients leads to an incredible taste. If you are interested, you can try to learn more about these recipes, and start making them when you come back from this country.

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