Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Ireland in One Day – Ireland Landmarks

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Ireland in One Day – Ireland Landmarks

Even though Ireland is a country that can’t be described as one of the biggest ones in the world, we can see that it attracts quite a lot of interest from tourists from all over the world. Only in 2019, more than 5 million tourists visited this country. 

When you add this figure to the tourists that have visited it between 2010 and 2018, you will get a figure of roughly 40 million in less than 10 years. Not to mention that this number gets significantly higher every year. You will agree that this number is lower than a lot of other countries. 

Nevertheless, Ireland has a significant potential that will result in much more visitors in the years to come. One of the reasons why this is possible is the constant promotion of Ireland’s culture, cuisine, and touristic locations in online magazines, like

Having an insight into these aspects is something that can provide you with an idea about what you can expect. Now, we would like to talk about some of the most visited places in this country. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.

Dublin, the Capital

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As is the case with almost every country out there, the Capital of Ireland, Dublin can provide you with many different sorts of entertainment. Roaming the streets of this city is a great experience on its own. However, when you come across a wide array of different activities, you will see that the experience is even better.

In case you would like to visit some of the best pubs in the Capital, be sure to visit Temple Bar district. We are talking about a famous street filled with many different pubs and cafes. In these, you will have a chance to try out genuine Guinness, which is one of the most popular Ireland export.

When we say Guinness, this is the city where you can visit the brewery and taste the original taste whenever you want. Besides breweries, you can visit a wide array of different historical sites where you can learn more about Ireland’s cultural heritage.

The Rock of Cashel

As you probably know, Ireland is a country that has some of the best-preserved castles you will ever see. One of the standouts is the Rock of Cashel. For those who don’t know, this castle was a seat for the Irish kings for a couple of centuries.

Not only that it has historical significance, but you will also see that the stronghold itself has been preserved quite well. So, you can feel the atmosphere that was present during the medieval age. The stronghold itself has many different structures inside it, like a round tower or a chapel.

It doesn’t matter what sort of tourist guide you take a look at, you will see that this place has a prime spot, especially when talking about historical sites. We would advise you to visit this place during summertime since it can get quite cold between October and February.

Hill of Tara

Hill of Tara
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If you had a chance to listen to some Irish folk music, then you surely have heard about the Hill of Tara. We are talking about a really important spot it has in Irish culture. It is located in County Meath. It needs to be said that it is a Stone Age burial site for the kings of this land.

However, the historical aspect is not the only one you should pay attention to. Instead, we are talking about an exceptional landscape where you can spend quality time with your family. We don’t have any doubt you will find the landscape interesting for making some breathtaking pictures.

When it comes to when you should visit it, it is important to point out that you can do it throughout the year. However, during colder months, you will not have a chance to experience the landscape in the best possible way since the cold can be quite severe. So, you should visit it during the summer months.

Cork City

cork city
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After the Capital, another city we believe has a lot to offer to its visitors is Cork. Cork is located in the southern part of the country, and its history is traced for more than 15 centuries in the past. Some would even say that Cork is at the foundation of Ireland’s culture.

Naturally, you can expect to come across some beautiful and stylish restaurants and pubs. However, we would like to say that your attention should be turned more to architectural style. Some of the buildings are old for more than a couple of centuries. So, you can have an idea about the Irish old way of life.

If you are interested in history, you should visit Blarney Castle. You can reach quite it easily since it is located just a couple of miles north of the city. It is an exceptionally preserved medieval castle surrounded by woods. If you’re in Cork, be sure to check this one out.


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Last but not least, we would like to discuss Carrowmore, the largest megalithic graveyard in the country. It is located near Sligo town, which is a great place to visit on its own. So, if you have a chance to visit it, you should commit some time to go to Carrowmore. 

As is the case with practically any site in Ireland, you will see that it has quite an interesting atmosphere. Meaning, you will not be surprised with the magical aspect you can find within the culture of Irish people. Not only that, it has some great landscapes you can see.

Carrowmore is surrounded by a lot of different plans and hills that make this place beautiful surrounded by two bays, Sligo Bay, and Ballisodare Bay. Not visiting this place when you are near would be a mistake, you shouldn’t have any doubt about that.


Not only that Ireland is home to proud people, but it is also a home of a lot of exceptional landscapes, cities, and historical sites. Here, you can take a look at a couple of those we feel are the most important. Be sure to visit them if you have the chance.

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