Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Norway In One Day – Norway Landmarks

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Norway In One Day – Norway Landmarks

Norway offers visitors an incredible mix of everything that might intrigue them. You can find yourself with loads of different cultural and natural wonders. Enjoy nature, mountains, sun, or snow – depending on the season that you end up choosing when visiting this country. Aside from rustic & rural, there are also modern parts of the country, while some people might enjoy exploring the historical & architectural part. Consider some of our sightseeing excursions with our list of the top tourist attractions in Norway.

Pulpit Rock at Preikestolen

Pulpit Rock at Preikestolen
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This is an attraction that is best-known and visited by its active travelers. It is found near Stavanger, and it is not as easy to get to, which is what makes it unique & desirable! In fact, you’d have to get to the destination with a ferry and bus, followed by a two-hour ride by bike to get to the top. Once you get there, you will be around 600 meters above the water, which is a view worth every penny. There is also a museum, a cathedral, as well as historical landmarks for you to look at.


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A super popular & highly-talked-about place in Norway has to be Tromsø! It is found 350 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. In the 13th century, this place was also known as a fishing village, and the industry has been loving the aspect of it and respecting it ever since. However, tourists love to visit it due to the sensational aurora borealis – northern lights that are a must-see life experience. This phenomenon, along with its rich botanic garden excursions, nature itself, as well as climate will amaze all of its visitors. 

Lofoten Islands

lofoten islands
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The Lofoten Islands are gorgeous to see and look into because of the fact that they form an archipelago off the coast of northwestern Norway. If you are a sporty person you’re going to have a blast at this place! This is because you can enjoy the beach, traditional fishing, kayak, hikes, bikes, and encounter the wildlife! For most people, Svolvaer is a good city to see for all of the above. History lovers can also visit a museum that has a lot of World War II collections. 

Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

This is one of the largest & most-known museums in Norway that is dedicated to seafaring ancestors. You can enjoy the Oseber ship, a 70-foot long creation that was built for actual Viking use, AD 800. Visitors can also enjoy different exhibits and films that talk about the importance of maritime life. If you are more so intrigued by history & fun elements or bits & pieces – Oslo is the way to go!

Bygdoy Peninsula

bygdoy peninsula
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Yet again, if you find yourself in Oslo, check out the Bygdoy Peninsula. Why? Well, it is home to well-known tourist attractions while being popular for sporty people & adventurers who like to head out to the beach, parks, hikes, or forests. For a lot of tourists, the Kon-Tiki museum is a must-see as well! If you can spare a couple of hours to soak in nature & history, you are going to like this attraction.

Visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

The Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of Oslo’s top tourist attractions! You will enjoy visiting it especially if you plan on going on this trip with your kids. This is home to 600+ different kinds of sculptures that are created by the artist Gustav Vigeland. All of them have been made with iron, bronze, and granite, and each sculpture has a story to tell. Explore the Frogner Park or Vigeland Museums to find these attractions.

Akershus Fortress in Oslo

akershus fortress
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Who wouldn’t love to see and visit a fun castle? The Akershus Fortress is a medieval castle that has been around since 1299. If you prefer historical tours and you want to visit a castle that has a fun story to tell, a lot of history, as well as gorgeous views, Oslo is your city! There are also some guided tours while the fortress grounds also provide a lovely backdrop for picture moments! Some people also throw public ceremonies, concerts, and shows at this spot.


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Head up to the lake Mjosa around the Gudbrandsdal valley, and explore Lillehammer! It is a must-see tourist attraction in the summer since you get to see different open-air museums and parks. There are also farmhouses, workshops, and a stave church. Also, this city has been a host to the 1994 Winter Olympic Games, which means that you can still enjoy skating, curling, and sleigh riding in the winter.

Scenic Rail Routes

rail in norway
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Everyone should experience Norway in such a way! Book a train and have the time of your life. Norway’s rails in fact stretch for more than 3,000+ kilometers. You will have fun when crossing over 3,000 bridges + you can enjoy different cities in just one go. For most, Oslo and the Bergen railway have the most to offer. Norway’s rail network also offers a number of other interesting diversions. Enjoy some steam trains, gourmet train excursions, or even a fun pedal-powered rail! A must-see with your teen friends.

Atlantic Ocean Road

atlantic ocean road
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This is just one out of 18 National tourist roads and routes in Norway. If you are a diving enthusiast this is going to intrigue you. Tourists will get close to the sea and enjoy their picturesque moments! The road is only 8 kilometers long while being one of the most stretched coastal highways. Enjoy the scenery, have a lovely view and a meal, while also getting into fishing villages, and enjoy date nights with your other half or your spouse.

So, which destination you can’t wait to incorporate and include in your life? What city is a must-see if you plan on going to Norway in the near future? Let us know your thoughts!

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