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Which Jobs Have The Best Salary In Ireland?- Ireland Minimum Wage


Are you overwhelmed by your current job? Do you feel that you are not paid enough or that you are not appreciated enough by your colleagues and superiors? If the answer to these questions is yes, maybe it’s time to make a huge change in your life and take matters into your own hands. Maybe now is the right time to explore new horizons that will bring you the opportunity for personal growth and the opportunity to achieve a better future for you and your family. Now is the time to leave your current job, and start looking for a new one that can fulfill you in every possible field.

Have you ever considered leaving the country you live in and extending your life to a whole new location on planet earth? Go to a new location, a new continent, where you can start over. Where you can restart your life, start an exciting new adventure, meet new people, traditions and have new experiences that were completely new to you until then. Now is the time and the opportunity to do just that. Life is full of new opportunities that are offered to us every day in one way or another, and it is up to us to grab exactly those who we think will make us happy and satisfied.

The purpose of our text today is exactly that, to recognize the real opportunity that is offered to us and to stick strictly to it. Have you ever considered moving to Ireland, for example, where you will find a good job, start a family and spend the rest of your life there? Have you ever considered this as an option?

To be honest, Ireland is one of the best places to start from scratch and do something in your life. Many positive features are associated with this country such as, the wonderful travel destinations where you will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes that make up the territory of this country. Phenomenal weather conditions where the summers do not have hellish temperatures and the winters lack freezing days, but the rainy weather is mostly present. The beer that you will find in abundance, and is one of the best beers in the world. New culture, good food, and friendly residents. And of course well-paid jobs. For this text, we will dwell a little more on the last topic, ie which jobs are the highest paid in this country.

Health care

health care
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The world was horrified when a new terrifying pandemic broke out. Hospitals, ambulances, and health centers have collapsed from a massive wave of drowning people. The health system needed to hire new additional staff to help treat the infected. Like the rest of the world, Ireland needed new professionals to help treat its citizens. And in return for the care and treatment of the citizens of Ireland the medics were one of the highest-paid at the moment, and still are because we are still fighting Covid 19, and not only this contagious disease, let us not forget the other horrible diseases which afflict a great number of people.

IT sector

it sector
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This sector is still expanding, and more and more jobs are being created every day to be filled. This is also the case in Ireland. IT companies need to expand their operations across the country by opening new offices in the territory. For that purpose, they need professional staff who will be able to fulfill the given job responsibilities, and in return, the employees receive a high salary with which they can afford a comfortable life in this country. So if you have a good knowledge of computers, you are immediately offered a good opportunity to find the perfect job right here in Ireland.


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Although they are friendly and kind to foreigners, the Irish are not big fans of the rule of law, and they are expected to break any of them at any moment. But, of course, there are legal entities that can very easily resolve these issues that are emerging. Did you know that a lawyer in Ireland earns around 70,000 to 80,000 euros a year, and maybe more per year? This is a pretty good amount of money that can give you a decent living in Ireland. If you are a lawyer by profession, our recommendation is to immediately look at the ads in this sector, and if you are allowed to immediately apply for such a job. Because lawyers are certainly among the first on the list of highest-paid jobs in Ireland.

Bars and restaurants

a waiter
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If you are a student who is still in the process of supplementing and improving your education, working in bars and restaurants is what you need and it is enough to be able to pay for your education and you will be able to save money for the trip that you planned it. Bars and restaurants are constantly crowded in Ireland, as people like to go out after work and hang out with their friends over a few Guinness beers, and of course, always leave a good tip. Just imagine how many tips employees receive during St. Patrick’s Day when the city is full of tourists and every bar is full of people.


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This is one of the sectors in Ireland that is deeply connected to all the leading businesses and is the one that ranks high on the list of the highest-paid jobs in the country. This is one of the industries that will always need new and well-qualified staff who will be ready to respond to any request and task that will be set. This industry is responsible for the daily creation of new jobs that if you are ready enough and have all the necessary characteristics, this job can be yours.

These are some of the highest-paid jobs in Ireland, but to find out which other high-paying occupations are available, and to gather more information about this country. Not only that, in this web magazine you will have the opportunity to find out a lot of useful information from the world of celebrities, beauty, fashion, technology and much more.

Have you ever tried to imagine your life in Ireland, where you will do the work of your dreams, go for a beer with friends at a local bar, or try to explore the beauties of the country on sunny weekends? Sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? This is exactly what your life might look like if you fought for what you dreamed of.