4 Most Popular Beverages To Try When Visiting Switzerland

4 Most Popular Beverages To Try When Visiting Switzerland

If we had to choose one continent that really has it all, our top pick would simply need to be Europe, and those who had the chance to travel to some European country will surely agree with this. As for the reasons why, well, even though it is not the largest continent, far from it, it’s where most things started. Now, some will argue how we forgot Asia, and yes, Asian countries also have a rich documented history, but in Europe, there isn’t a country or a region that doesn’t have its own turbulent and rich story behind how they got to this point. One of those European countries that we all know about, at least by its picturesque landscapes that we can see everywhere online or on postcards, and that has something for everyone’s taste, is called Switzerland.

Why is there such hype over Switzerland?

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From iconic villages in the foothill of the Alpes to the one-of-a-kind restaurants and iconic sights, and, as skiing enthusiasts will say, a true heaven for winter sports, all these things make Switzerland a must-visit destination for everyone who likes to travel. The country itself is perfectly placed in the middle of the continent, meaning that in the past, it was a key place for all the goods traveling from the east to the west and vice versa, making it a unique cultural, social, and artistic heart of Europe. Of course, throughout history, the country also experienced certain turbulent periods, but, eventually, it became recognizable for its charming landscapes, which they were able to preserve, and today, staying here provides such a unique experience. Furthermore, Switzerland is recognizable throughout the world for its banks and banking system and, from the political point of view, its neutrality, but what most people often forget about, since there are so many things that makes Switzerland so great, is the food and their national drinks that really are one of a kind.

Are the drinks really that good?

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Namely, if you enjoy the fruity flavor, beverages that you can try while visiting Switzerland will leave you speechless, but that’s not all. It doesn’t matter if you like alcoholic beverages or not because here, you will find everything, from the natural tea rich in flavor, beer made in the local brewery, to some drinks that are more for those with drinking experience, like absinthe. Of course, since chocolate is also something people instantly think of when someone mentions Switzerland, if you think that you have tried everything there is with chocolate flavor, well, wait until you get here, and boy, are you going to be surprised. Of course, this list would not be complete if we didn’t mention Glühwein, but let’s get into details so that you know precisely what to expect and what to prepare for once you get to this idyllic country.


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Christmas in Switzerland is something special, and it is something that every person should experience at least once in a lifetime. Everything is amazingly decorated, and whenever you go, you feel the Christmas spirit. One of the most popular attractions during this time is winter markets, where you can buy many decorations, but also try Glühwein, which is one of the most popular winter drinks. It is made of red wine, various spices, herbs, fresh fruits, and sugar, which is cooked together and served hot. Because of that, it is a perfect drink to warm up while looking for the best present for someone, and if you do not have any idea, you can always buy a bottle of Glühwein since it represents Christmas.


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Many of us have heard stories about Absinthe, but many of us do not know that its country of origin is Switzerland. This interesting drink was originated back in the 18th country, and it is still popular among locals and tourists. It is recognizable because of its astonishing green color, and since it has a high percentage of alcohol, there are many stories about it. The drink is made of anise mixed with many other herbs, and there is an urban legend that if someone tries to make their own absinthe but does not have the right recipe, it can cause blindness. Luckily, there are many absinthe manufacturers, and we can buy a bottle in almost every store, so we do not need to worry about this urban legend. One of the best stores where you can find absinthe and many other beverages is https://www.drink-shop.ch/en/, so check their offer and choose the best Switzerland drink to try.

Hot chocolate

hot chocolate
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We all know that Switzerland is famous because of its chocolate, and it is not a surprise that hot chocolate is one of the most popular beverages in this country. People usually drink it in winter to warm up after hiking, skiing or walking through amazing cities, but this drink is also popular during other seasons, and there is not a bad time to order it. It is made of high-quality chocolate powder and hot milk, but it can come in many different flavors, so it is up to us to choose the one that we like the most. It can be found in every bar or restaurant, and people usually choose it instead of coffee.

Etter Pear Williams

etter pear williams
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If you decide to visit Europe, you will discover the drink that they are proud of and drink it on many different occasions. In some countries it is schnaps, in others it is brandy, and if you go a little souther from Switzerland, you will want to learn the word rakija. It can be made from any fruit by distillation, and it can be drunk before the meal as an appetizer or after it to stimulate digestion, but many drink it when they want to relax and enjoy with friends. Etter Pear Williams is famous in Switzerland, and it is made of Williams pears which gives it a perfect taste and smell. Be careful because this beverage is rich in alcohol, so a few glasses are enough if you are not used to it.

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