What Your Birthstone Says About Your Personality?

What Your Birthstone Says About Your Personality?

Like the zodiac signs, birthstones are an integral part of astrology. But what does your birthstone say about your personality and your character?

Have you heard of the fact that there should be a matching birthstone for each of us? What sounds a bit esoteric has its origins in astrology. Each of the stones – they are not assigned to the exact birthday, but to the month of birth – should have positive properties. If you wear “your” birthstone as a ring, bracelet, or chain on your body, it should develop a healing effect. It can also have a balancing and strengthening effect on your character.

Many myths and legends have been entwined with precious and semi-precious stones since ancient times. Special “healing stones” were used against various ailments, whereby it was assumed that the stones act on the vegetative nervous system and our internal organs through the skin.

So if you don’t dismiss horoscopes as humbug from the outset and have already discovered one or the other quality that is attributed to your zodiac sign in yourself – maybe you are also interested in the interactions between your personality and your birthstone. The online portal has compiled the right birthstones for each month of the year.


red garnet
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The red garnet as a birthstone stands for new beginnings and is a perfect match for the beginning of the year. It also symbolizes persistence and strength as well as friendship and trust. And he should be able to ward off nightmares …


violet amethyst
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Here the birthstone is the violet amethyst, which supports those born in February, who are characterized as creative, in their wealth of imagination and bundles the energy, but at the same time is supposed to allow them to relax and unwind. It also stands for sincerity, security, and peace.


blue aquamarine
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As a birthstone, the blue aquamarine symbolizes self-confidence, positive mood, serenity, and inner calm. It has been the stone of seafarers and travelers in general from ancient times. The blue gemstone is supposed to spread courage, perseverance, and security.


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The birthstone in April is none other than the precious diamond, a symbol of innocence and purity but also of strength and courage. It should help to avoid stress and to strengthen self-confidence.


green emerald birthstone
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In the merry month, the focus is on the green emerald. Harmony, loyalty, friendship, and love are the hallmarks of those born in May, their stone symbolizes empathetic people who often value relationships and families and who have an open ear for everyone.


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Here three “stones” should be decisive for the month of birth:  alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone. While the pearl – a symbol of beauty, bliss, purity – is actually not a stone, but mother-of-pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone stand for sharpening your own intuition and helping to uncover the truth.


red ruby
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The red ruby as a birthstone symbolizes passion. Whoever wears it should be more courageous and also endowed with strength, drive, and prosperity. Sometimes it is also assumed that a ruby ​​can protect its wearer from evil spirits.


light green peridot stands
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Here the lesser-known light green peridot stands in the center. He too – who glows in the dark – is supposed to protect you from nightmares and evil and to support you in converting negative energy into positive energy. Those born in this month are attested to having a relaxed attitude towards life and great warmth, as well as determination, which the birthstone supports.


blue sapphire
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The birthstone is the blue sapphire, a sign of sincerity and empathy, as well as wisdom and serenity. The sapphires, considered royal stones, are also said to have a pain-relieving effect when you wear them on your body.


opal and tourmaline
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Here opal and tourmaline share the function of birthstones, with the opal being more widespread as a symbol of knowledge and success as well as love and fantasy. It is said to strengthen the memory and to protect against misfortune. The tourmaline is supposed to push your creativity and your logical thinking skills even more.


citrine and topaz
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Citrine and topaz should help in this gray month of birth, with those born in November being considered assertive and opinionated. The citrine stands for hope, loyalty and health and is supposed to protect against grief, bad thoughts and depression. The topaz provides strength in all situations.


turquoise, blue topaz and tanzanite
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In the last month of the year, the focus is again on blue birthstones: turquoise, blue topaz and tanzanite. They symbolize the strengthening of positive energies in terms of assertiveness and perseverance, but also in relation to happiness in love and success or self-confidence and harmony. Those born in December are generally considered to be optimistic, communicative and positive.

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