How Much Do New Brake Pads And Brake Discs Cost?

How Much Do New Brake Pads And Brake Discs Cost?

Good brakes are your life insurance in the car. You have to change bad brake pads and discs as soon as possible. If the brakes no longer work properly, the car is no longer roadworthy – but how expensive are new brakes?

Auto repair shops and manufacturers recommend checking the brakes regularly, for example at customer service. Worn brake pads or bad brake discs must be replaced. That costs money, but safety must not be compromised.

Disc brakes are prone to wear and tear

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Most cars today have front and rear disc brakes. Disc brakes simply grip better and reduce braking distances when it matters. However, the discs and pads are constantly exposed to the weather and can wear out faster than the older drum brakes.

Despite modern technology and various assistance systems, there is friction on the brakes. As a result, the brake pads wear out. Safety can then hardly be guaranteed and the pads have to be replaced. If you want to change the brake pads, a professional workshop can do it in no time. The costs for working time are therefore manageable. In order to achieve an even braking effect, you should always change the brake pads in pairs, even if there is no need for action on one side.

That costs a brake pad change

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Depending on the brand, the material and workshop costs are different. Premium manufacturers often have more access than high-volume brands. Disc brakes are somewhat cheaper to maintain than drum brakes – the brake does not have to be dismantled as much.

Replacing the brake shoes on disc brakes costs around 100 to 200 euros, while drum brakes cost 150 to 300 euros.

Brake discs are more expensive

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The costs are higher if the brake disc also has to be replaced. This is because dangerous wear and tear can also occur on these units. Brake discs are always exposed to the weather and road dirt. It is particularly dangerous when you are driving with poor brake pads: the disc can get cracks and grooves. One more reason to check brake pads regularly.

Although the windows can be repaired, automotive experts recommend replacing them. The brake discs cost around 500 euros.

Brake fluid can age

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Under certain circumstances, not only do the brake discs and pads on your car have to be changed from time to time, but also the brake fluid. Brake fluid magically attracts water. When the brake fluid is heated, the water then becomes gaseous and forms bubbles. The braking force is lost. The phenomenon can be so dangerous that the braking properties go completely to zero. Experts, therefore, recommend changing the brake fluid at least every ten years. The costs for this are around 100 euros, and many workshops also check the brake fluid as part of their regular customer service.

Even if that seems like a lot of money, the brake is the most important component of your car and has to work perfectly. The TÜV knows no pardons here and even in the event of an accident you can run into problems if the technical condition of your brakes is not perfect – that costs a lot more.

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