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How To Brush Hair Properly?

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Most people will comb or brush their hair every day. But according to one TikTok user, most of them get it wrong. You too?

Burdock and small knots in the hair can be carefully removed with a brush or a comb. You have to be very careful not to break the hair or pull out the roots. A TikTok user has now discovered why taming the mane with lots of brushes is often more difficult than it really needs to be. It shows what you need to consider when brushing your hair to make it easier to comb through.

Did you always hold the brush wrong?

brushing hair
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In order to be able to gently brush out small knots and Velcro ties from the hair, the bristles should ideally be arranged straight, i.e. in uniform rows – not offset – in the brush. In many brushes, however, the bristles are not arranged in the same way in both directions. It is customary for the bristles to be arranged straight in the direction of the brush handle – that is, vertically – and offset in the horizontal direction. Instead of holding the brush horizontally, explains the TikTok user, you have to run it vertically through your hair.

However, most people automatically brush their hair by holding the brush horizontally. The hair is so much more difficult to tame. So, take a closer look at the bristle direction of your brush and if in doubt, change the way you brush your hair from now on.