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9 Negotiating Tips And Tricks For Buying A Used Car

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Purchasing a car is one of the most exciting things in life, especially for car lovers that do not consider a car just as a regular vehicle. However, when you are purchasing a car, there is one good reason to consider when buying a car that is used and we will use the term “depreciation” to describe it. A new car will depreciate about 10% instantly at the moment when it leaves the market. However, it will depreciate another 20% within the first year. As time pass by, after three years, the value of the car is worth about 60% of the primary price when it was new. 

We understand how this can sound shocking and depressing to the original car owners. However, for the ones who are looking to buy a used car, this is exciting news. 

Benefits of negotiating

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Many people feel unsure when they hear that they have to negotiate the price. However, as much as it sounds overwhelming, everyone should do it when they are buying a car. Even if you do not think that negotiation is your strong point, you should approach this task with the thought that you have nothing to lose. The worst scenario that can happen is whether you will agree to pay the asked price for the car or not. If it all goes according to plan and your negotiating skill have the effect, you will do yourself a favor. However, there are some things you need to consider before negotiation a better deal. Knowing how to negotiate will help you lower the price and approach the whole process with confidence and attitude. 

What you should consider before the purchase?

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Before you start with the buying procedure, you need to make sure to do the research first. More precisely, you need to find out how much similar cars and models are worth. In that way, you will be able to compare used cars for sale on multiple sites and you will know the amount of money you should prepare to spend. Keep in mind one important thing – the more you know about the car, the more things you can negotiate about and get a fair price for the car. Therefore, doing full research is a wise decision. Also, you should know that the models old for one to three years will likely still be under the manufacturer’s warranty. More precisely, it will offer many more years of great service for you. That’s why we suggest you look for the car that is bought recently. 

Did you find the perfect car? 

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Buying a car is an extremely exciting adventure, however, as it is a big purchase, it is a wise idea to not rush into it. Taking time before you find the perfect car with the right price is crucial in this procedure. If you find the car that meets all your expectations, you are prepared for the next step. However, before you go ahead to the salesperson, you should contact him because it can happen that he did not update his offer and he already sold the car you wanted.

Know how to behave with a salesperson

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When you are going to meet the salesperson and see the car, it is very important to be nice to that person. If you are going with an intimidation approach, you should know that it is not a wise tactic for negotiating. Instead, be friendly, nice, and polite with that person, even if you find him stubborn about the price. If you are being respectful, you are giving yourself the opportunity to have a more open conversation with the person. 

However, be stubborn with yourself

Even though it is the best approach to be polite with the person from who you are buying a car, do not be scared to be confident in yourself and ask for the car and the prize you want. Do not allow yourself to be tricked with a less valuable car model, or to pay more than you should. This counts especially if the salesperson act very friendly. He does that to deceive you and get the prize that suits him best. 

The question, not a statement

Keep in mind to use a positive tone throughout the whole buying procedure. Also, use questions rather than statements. For instance, if the salesperson tells you some price, do not say “That is too expensive for me”. Instead, say something like “How would this price work for you?”

Ask for records

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When you are talking with a salesperson, you should ask for service records and a vehicle history report. These documents will give you a clearer picture of the car’s past and how it was maintained. Also, confirmation of important maintenance such as engine, clutch, timing belt, tires, accumulator, and other things in the car will give you the overall condition and picture of future operating costs. These things are usually very expensive, so you can ask for a reduced price for the car if you notice that some of the important things in the car are not completely functional. Also, we suggest you ask for a test drive, so you can see whether there is some obvious problem with the car.

Be prepared to walk

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There is no need to get intense while negotiating. You should stick with the prize you are willing to spend. If the salesperson does not offer you a prize that satisfies you, stay cool, thank the person, and walk away. However, keep in mind to leave the person your contact number because there is a big chance that he will call you later. This is a bluff in the negotiating process, however, it really works in many cases. If it did not work, you are not losing anything because you will find something that will work for you. 

Consider private companies instead of pre-owners

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In many cases buying a car of pre-owners comes with different risks. This is not a really reliable option, because they can scam you and you will notice that when it is too late. For instance, it can happen that some important and very expensive thing in the car does not operate well and it stops working soon after you buy the car. At that point, there is no turning back and you will be very disappointed because you will need to spend time on extra repairs. 

That’s why it can be a wise idea to consider buying used cars from private companies. If you are buying a car from a legit and credible company, you should not worry about whether they will scam you. The reputation is very important to them, so they are doing their best to meet their customers’ satisfaction. We did a little research and find for you a completely reliable and trustworthy company that you can check on

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