Which Zodiac Signs Cannot Handle Criticism?


There are signs of the zodiac who always take criticism personally and would rather start arguments than question themselves. Which group do you belong to? Calm like a Saint Bernard or ready to fight like a pit bull?

Our everyday life consists of criticism. We get it from the boss, from our colleagues, from friends and even from our partner. Even if life guides want to make us know that every criticism is an opportunity for us, we sometimes find it inappropriate or even outrageous. So far, so normal.

But whether we can handle criticism well also depends on which zodiac sign we have. There are signs of the zodiac that gain something positive from every critical statement and are happy to accept them. Other zodiac signs have a short fuse and you run the constant risk of hurting your self-esteem with well-intentioned criticism and starting a fight with them. These 3 zodiac signs cannot cope with criticism very well.

Anyone who criticizes Pisces attacks their self-image

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The character of the zodiac sign Pisces is considered sensitive and particularly emotional. These are actually very good properties and everyone who is friends with a fish can therefore consider themselves lucky. But when it comes to criticism of Pisces, these character traits lead to the emotions boiling up quickly and even with well-intentioned advice, a hidden negative message is quickly suspected. That scratches the Pisces self-confidence. That is why he prefers to reject criticism completely than to accept it and deal with it.

Cancers snap to criticism

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Cancers can actually handle criticism quite well, but they shouldn’t be affected themselves. Cancer, through its compassion, is a good comforter of the soul for those who have been criticized. If he has criticized himself, he prefers to withdraw into his protective armor. Cancerians value friendship and family a lot. If they receive criticism from this environment, they have to nibble on it for a long time. They quickly feel expelled from their emotional home and lose themselves in spirals of thought.

Virgo: You don‘t criticize perfection

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If it’s not perfect, the Virgo is not satisfied. Probably no other zodiac sign tends towards perfectionism like Virgo. That’s why she is very self-critical and constantly questions herself. So she is quite used to criticism of herself. But if the criticism comes from other people, the Virgo is less open to it: Has her own control mechanisms failed and she has not noticed that something has gotten out of hand?

The Virgo would of course never show that criticism hits her. Because perfection also means having your own emotions under control. Anyone who criticizes a virgin therefore quickly gets the impression that his counterpart is countering the criticism with cold arrogance.

3 zodiac signs for which criticism is no problem

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As always in life, there are two sides. While some zodiac signs cannot handle criticism very well, others simply put it away or are even happy about it. With their open manner, they can even be solid as a rock for those who don’t like criticism, from which you can see a lot.

Criticism of Aquarius? It’s a pleasure!

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Aquarians are considered tolerant and good-natured. You let five be straight. If Aquarius receives criticism, he gratefully accepts it and does not suspect a malicious attack on his self-esteem. Instead, he examines the criticism carefully, breaks it down into its component parts, distills the core, and implements it. He never even got the idea of paying the critic back for it.

Taurus is stubborn and indomitable, arent it?

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The Taurus is a sign of the zodiac that at first glance may not seem entirely open to criticism, as it is considered stubborn, stubborn, and inflexible. But on the other hand, there is also his loyalty, his tolerance, and sometimes his insecurity, which make him susceptible to criticism. This zodiac sign knows that it is not perfect and that it can only benefit from it if it trusts others. Taurus are therefore patient and grateful when they receive criticism.

Gemini: Nobody criticizes as harshly as siblings

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Anyone who has a sibling knows it: No one can criticize you as much as your own brother or sister. But you don’t forgive anyone as quickly as your own siblings. Gemini also brings these qualities with them: They are open and tolerant, curious and persistent. Therefore, even without siblings, twins are open to criticism of their person. If they have siblings, that is all the more true.

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