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This Is How CBD Cares For Your Brows And Eyelashes


Full eyebrows from CBD? Thanks to these active ingredients, the eyelash serum from Nordic Cosmetics is particularly effective. We explain what the brow serum can really do and what alternatives exist.

In the beauty sector, a large number of products with cannabidiol, or CBD for short, are now available – and the active ingredient often proves to be an unexpected solution to well-known problems. The latest insider tip: CBD can also help you get fuller brows. The right care is, for example, the strengthening eyelash serum from Nordic Cosmetics, which is available in the five-milliliter pack for 33.15 euros.

We’ll explain to you why CBD is good for your brows. We’ll also give you additional tips on how to get fuller eyebrows.

Why an eyelash serum at all?

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In view of the latest fashion developments – the thin and plucked brows of the noughties are no longer in fashion – many of us have already thought about using an eyelash or brow serum. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible naturalness, even if that may sound like a contradiction at first. Because not everyone is blessed with full, long eyelashes and brows. So tools are very welcome.

One ingredient that keeps appearing in modern serums is CBD. Can the active ingredient actually help you or is it just part of the formula for marketing reasons?

This is how CBD can support you

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You may be aware that CBD is made from hemp plants. In contrast to THC, cannabidiol does not cause intoxication. That is why it is also legal in Germany and can be used to cure a wide variety of beauty problems.

As “” explains, CBD is particularly interesting for strengthening your hair because it can contain up to 21 amino acids. Amino acids are an important part of proteins – and proteins are the main building block of your hair. If you use the active ingredient directly on a regular basis, it can strengthen your hair roots.

In addition, CBD is also rich in fatty acids. They can add valuable moisture to your hair. They also ensure that the cuticle is sealed. As a result, your hair will look smoother and shinier as a result. They appear healthier overall.

Through this property, CBD also helps you indirectly

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” ” explains that CBD in the brow serum also makes sense because it combats the causes of thinning hair growth. Fewer eyelashes are often the result of eye infections or a lack of vitamins. CBD now at least partially protects you from it. On the one hand, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. On the other hand, CBD is also rich in antioxidants. So it can protect you particularly effective against harmful environmental influences.

This effect is able to increase the eyelash serum from Nordic Cosmetics even more. It also contains vitamin F. In this way, it directly counteracts an impending vitamin deficiency. In interaction with the other ingredients, however, another advantage of the CBD comes into its own: The argan and castor oils also contained in the recipe are additionally activated by it. Cannabidiol is not only effective in itself – but it also increases the effectiveness of the other ingredients.

In addition, the Nordic Cosmetics serum shines thanks to the substances that it deliberately dispenses with. For example, it is completely vegan – the manufacturer also guarantees that it is “cruelty-free”, i.e. produced without animal testing. Furthermore, it does not contain any of the controversial hormones that are otherwise often found in hair growth serums.

These are alternatives to the brewing serum

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Of course, there are other methods you can use to get fuller brows. The website “” recommends the obvious solution with which you can achieve results quickly: the brow pen. The optical helpers are available in a wide variety of colors. When you have found a pencil that matches your eyebrows, you can use it to draw small lines in the direction of your eyebrow growth. Immediately your brows appear thicker. Just be careful: so that the result actually looks natural, you should not overdo it with the pencil. Too many strokes often miss the desired effect.

Another beauty tool works in a relatively similar way: the eyebrow gel. Actually, the gel is used just like the pen. The difference, however, is that the lines of the gel have an extra 3D effect.

Another tip is given by the beauty editorial team at “” is also important. As the website explains, you can also pluck your hair the wrong way. Perhaps, at first glance, hair-plucking sounds like a contradiction to the stated goal of “full eyebrows”. But even if you have to help artificially with the volume, it can happen that individual hairs dance out of line. This will instantly make your brows appear less defined. In any case, it is important to pull them in the direction of growth. Otherwise, it can happen that you damage the dermis and your hair no longer grows back.