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Bad Hair Day? This Casual Accessory Will Save You

by Sarah Smith

We all agree on one thing these days: We miss our hairdressers! Split ends, roots, and co are currently dominating our everyday lives. Despair spreads. But there is a small emergency helper who will get us through the upcoming bad hair weeks.

It’s no longer a secret: The baseball cap is not only loved by athletes, but also by celebrities and influencers. The caps already experienced their fashion revival last year. Especially in times of the Corona, when our hair no longer looks so fresh, they help us as a fashionable companion in everyday life.

The nice thing is that they are available in all colors and patterns. So they really go with every style. And of course for every hairstyle: Whether ponytail or open hair, with a base cap, you are always the right choice. Even celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Duchess Meghan cannot resist the casual accessory.

The base cap for everyday life

base cap for everyday life

img source: m.media-amazon.com

Even if you associate a baseball cap with sporting activities, they are definitely suitable for everyday use! Since the fashionable companions are so diverse, they really go with every outfit. A real classic here is of course the black cap – with or without a logo print.

This must-have allows for many styling options. If you combine them with cool biker boots and leather jackets, you create a rocky style. Or you can style your cap with a cute ruffled dress – then your outfit lives from contrasts. Because here, too, the following applies: opposites attract!

Business look with a base cap

Business look with a base cap

img source: cdn.cliqueinc.com

Baseball cap and office? Yes, you heard right! That’s not mutually exclusive. You can also wear the cap in the home office – and thus perfectly conceal a greasy approach. Often you can give your chic business outfit a little more casualness. The caps are also available in many fancier versions, for example with a crocodile look or with floral patterns.

The classic: sporty and chic

woman running

img source: hips.hearstapps.com

Baseball caps are of course particularly suitable for this. Quick ponytail, the sportswear on, a cap on and you’re ready for the next round of jogging. And you don’t have to worry about sweaty or messy hair – you can’t even see it under the cap. In warm temperatures, the cap is the ideal sun protection for your head. So it is very versatile!

This is how you care for your cap

washing hats

img source: cdn.thewhoot.com

If the cap becomes your bad hair day emergency solution from now on, then you should make sure that you take care of it properly. There are a few things to consider here!

Your cap doesn’t belong in the washing machine! It can be broken quickly by spinning. By the way, caps made with cardboard shouldn’t be washed at all. Otherwise, there won’t be much left of your fashionable it-piece in the end.

Still, want to make sure that your cap is clean? Then put it in the dishwasher! The trick here: Simply put a bowl upside down and place the cap on it. So it stays in place during the wash cycle and cannot slip. However, you should not wash dirty dishes at the same time – this will prevent unwanted stains.

It is of course safest to wash your cap by hand. You can also find information about this on the label. Please note: the cap does not belong in the dryer after washing! Simply air dry and, if necessary, place it on another cup or bowl to keep it in shape.

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