classic lasagna

Easy Tips How To Make Pan Lasagna?-Homemade Pan Lasagna

You don’t have an oven, but you have a huge appetite for lasagna? Then simply prepare the dish in the pan on the stove. Maybe sometimes you long for real feel-good dishes like lasagna – but then there is not enough time. There is a very simple solution to this: the pan lasagna. Lasagna is not prepared […]

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sweet potato nuggets

How To Make Vegan Sweet Potato Nuggets?

There are more and more vegan substitutes for fast food, for example for chicken nuggets. Unfortunately, they are often unhealthy or just not tasty. But the recipe from TikTok star Stefano Zarrella shows how delicious sweet potato nuggets can be. Stefano Zarrella reaches numerous people with his cooking videos on his TikTok and Instagram channels. Singer Giovanni Zarrella’s […]

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