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5 Causes Of Restless Sleep And What To Do About It


Do you have problems falling asleep, have bad dreams, or wake up again and again at night? Maybe one of the following five reasons is causing you troubled sleep and nightmares.

Millions of people suffer from insomnia. The corona pandemic is currently also contributing to this – insecurity, fear, dissatisfaction, isolation.

In addition to stress and illness-related factors, everyday objects and habits can also lead to poor sleep – especially these top 5.

Too high temperature

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“Stay cool”, this is especially true in the bedroom. You should make sure that the room temperature is between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius. If you like, you can also spend the night a little cooler, but not below 12 degrees.

In addition, choose cooling bed linen, for example, made of jersey, linen, or silk.

And the brain also benefits from the cooler ambient temperature, as it is supplied with more blood. In addition, it stimulates fat burning because the body temperature is maintained.

Drinking alcohol

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Although you usually fall asleep faster than usual after drinking alcohol, a “night drink” reduces REM sleep in the first half of the night and increases the risk of snoring. Both of these reduce the quality of sleep – and also influence (night) dreams.

In addition, the urge to urinate and thirst is increased, as alcohol removes water from the body – and those who have to get up more often cannot sleep peacefully.

Electronics as a disruptive factor

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You actually know it: electronic devices have no place in the bedroom. It would be best to stop looking at a display an hour before bed. Even when reading on the tablet, the release of the sleep hormone melatonin is disturbed.

A study confirms: tablet readers have significantly less REM sleep than book readers. And no excuses: just use a mechanical alarm clock instead of the smartphone’s alarm clock.

Too short a break after exercise

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Regular exercise makes it easier to fall asleep, a study by Oregon State University (USA) found. The longer the period of time between exercise and bedtime, the greater the benefit for sleep quality. Because the body releases hormones during exercise that keep you awake.

And the more you try, the longer you have to rest before going to sleep. Only calm movements such as a relaxed evening stroll or a very relaxed ride on the bike are recommended before going to bed.

 Thought about the job

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While lying in bed, one should not mentally plan the next working day. Job is a job and after work is after work. Working people need an interval of at least one to two hours between work and night rest.

And anyone who thinks sleep reduction is disciplined and efficient is totally wrong: Lack of sleep increases the error rate and makes you tired.

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