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What Are The Chic Models Of Blouses For Every Occasion?


Will there be one blouse trend in 2021? One thing is clear: with a white blouse we are perfectly dressed for every occasion. We have found 5 chic models.

In order to storm into autumn in top style, the basics are particularly crucial. They are fashionable and offer us the opportunity to create countless looks.

One such essential is the classic blouse in white. With her, we are perfectly dressed for a fine dinner as well as in the office, if we only combine her correctly. And thanks to different cuts, it is easy to style a wide variety of outfits with white blouses.

Blouse trend 2021 – five chic models at a glance:

Classic shirt blouse

Body-hugging blouse

Long blouse

Bow tie blouse

Shirt with a lapel collar

White blouse for the day in the office

white blouse for the office
img source: cg-workwear.com

Fortunately, the long time in the home office is over. We can finally meet our colleagues again in the office and style ourselves really chic with a white shirt blouse. Shirt blouses are cut almost like a man’s shirt and their straight, almost strict cut ensures a serious appearance.

A classic blazer with a checked pattern and shoulder pads is ideal for the ideal office look. This goes well with high-cut trousers, which play around the feminine silhouette thanks to the tailored fit. Pointed pumps stretch the figure and complete the outfit. A handbag and filigree jewelry that goes with the shoes are particularly good accessories. A subtle daytime make-up is suitable for a day in the office because after all, we want to draw attention to ourselves through professional performance and not through our appearance.

White blouse for the evening in the club

white blouse
img source: sc04.alicdn.com

If you want to swing the dance floor in the club again, a slim-fitting blouse is the perfect piece of clothing. Not only does it make it look good, it doesn’t slip even with the wildest dance moves.

For the evening in the club, trousers with a shiny leather look in deep black are perfect. Serve with white sneakers, which form a harmonious complement to the blouse and also are so comfortable that your feet do not hurt hour even late. Now all that’s missing is a long black wool coat that warms you on the way there and back and you can start the night as a disco queen.

Long blouse for shopping

oversized blouse
img source: ae01.alicdn.com

A comfortable white long blouse in XXL is the first choice for a shopping tour. For this purpose, the garment is not tucked into the trousers but worn casually over it. This trick makes it possible to wear wide blue jeans with a blouse, which may not be the most elegant piece of clothing in the closet, but make it possible to store a lot of shops without pinching clothes.

Blouse and trousers are combined with a cardigan that is pleasantly warm on cool autumn days. And if it also rains, the outfit is complemented by a trench coat. Sturdy boots or trendy rain boots fit as footwear, so you are prepared for any weather.

Tie blouse for the evening in the restaurant

bow-tie blouse
img source: i.pinimg.com

The bow-tie blouse is a very feminine piece of clothing that is wonderfully suitable for a visit to a classy restaurant thanks to its elegant appearance. The bow-tie blouse is characterized by the fact that a bow is tied in the area of the collar, with which it sets stylish accents.

The noble piece of clothing naturally needs to be combined accordingly and so a figure-hugging pencil skirt in knee-length is the ideal companion. A suitable addition is pumps or boots that stretch the figure. The outfit is rounded off with an elegant blazer. Since the rest of the clothing is plain-colored, the blazer can have a subtle pattern.

Shirt blouse for the opera evening

shirt blouse
img source: cdna.lystit.com

Who says that we can only go to the opera in big robes? With an elegant blouse, which is well combined, we are also perfectly dressed and easily conjure up an androgynous look. Since it is a rather masculine piece of clothing, we are continuing the game with the sexes and opting for elegant cloth trousers in black. With our pumps, too, we stick to the strict color combination and choose a black pair with a subtle heel. Needless to say, our figure-hugging blazer is also black.

Many will now wonder where the feminine look is here. It is easily conjured up by wearing the hair open or artistically styling it. The make-up can also be a little more glamorous depending on the occasion. And as an accessory, there is not only a feminine clutch, which can be used to add a color accent, but also the largest hoop earrings in silver or gold.