6 Harmonious Christmas Tips For Couples


The Christmas season is often stressful and not very reflective. But that need not be. We present six tips for less stress and more romance.

It should actually be the most contemplative time of the year, and Christmas often turns out to be stressful. Cozy hours for two often fall by the wayside between all the preparations, family expectations, and the search for the perfect gifts.

We, therefore, reveal a few tricks on how you can still get into the Christmas mood as a couple and how to enjoy the time together.

Take a walk

couple walking
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Regardless of whether you live in a big city or not: A walk together can be nice anywhere. Even if the  Christmas markets in some federal states are canceled this year due to Corona, you can still enjoy the pretty Christmas lights in the windows and maybe pack a hot drink in the thermos.

So nothing is easier than hanging out on the couch together in the evening, as always, putting on your winter jacket, and going for a lap with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. So you can exchange ideas in peace and quiet and maybe look deep in the eyes under the mistletoe on the way.

Bake cookies together

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Anyone who thinks that baking cookies are only for children is wrong: after all, we all like to snack. Standing together in the kitchen, rolling out the dough over a glass of mulled wine and cutting it out, maybe even singing a few Christmas carols – what better way to get in the Christmas spirit?

Those who are more into other goodies can make baked apples as an alternative. The main thing is that you do it together and then have something to snack on.

A romantic Christmas dinner

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Here you have two options: Either you plan a pre-Christmas dinner at your home, which is best cooked together, or you take time for a candlelight dinner with food from your favorite restaurant.

It doesn’t matter whether you really want to eat Christmas food or instead order something from your favorite sushi shop.

A wellness evening

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Just you and your sweetheart together in a lonely mountain hut – preferably with a fireplace or sauna? A nice idea. In the midst of the corona pandemic, maybe a bit difficult, but how about that: Switch off all electronic devices such as telephones and the like and start a pampering program at home – for example in the bathtub.

Who says you always have to go out for wellness? Especially in the stressful Christmas season, it is good to just take a deep breath and switch off and then, together with your partner, think again about what really counts on the holidays.

Make the Christmas tree yourself

Happy couple with a tree walking over the Christmas Market

This is even possible in cities: you can choose and cut the Christmas tree yourself. A quick search on the Internet will give you the right address for official bodies if you don’t just want to buy any tree but want to turn it into an experience with your partner.

Nothing creates a more Christmas atmosphere than going to the forest together, choosing the perfect tree, chopping it down in – probably sweaty work – and then decorating it at home.

Every look at the festively decorated Christmas tree is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Just spend time together

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In the end, it doesn’t matter which activities you do together: The most important thing is not to leave your partner behind in the run-up to Christmas and to take time for each other.

After all, the greatest and most elaborate gift is of no use if so much energy had to be expended on it that you couldn’t even see your loved one. Hours together for two are still the best gift.