5 Clothing Trends That Accompany Us Through The Winter Time


Who says we have to go without fancy clothes in winter? We present you our 5 favorite dresses with which you cut a good figure in winter.

Even if we wrap ourselves up thickly in the cold months in order to freeze as little as possible, only dresses bring this certain elegance to every occasion. Whether for a few pre-Christmas errands in town, a zoom call with friends, or a family celebration, a dress is always the perfect choice. We have researched the 5 trend dresses of the season for you because especially when it’s gray outside, we want to sweeten our everyday life with a little spritz and Christmas is not too far off.

Bodycon dresses

bodycon dress
img source: lulus.com

Bodycon dresses are currently experiencing their comeback mainly in the form of a midi length. Mostly sewn from the thin cord, they accentuate the figure and play around with the silhouette. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for more elegant occasions. To make them more suitable for everyday use, they are best worn in one color and made of knitwear. Those who like it a little more unusual can choose a model with an animal print.

Since bodycon dresses are kept quite simple, they can be combined in a particularly versatile way. Especially if you choose a single-colored piece, you are completely free to choose the color of your accessories. So you can combine the dress with pumps and a blazer for elegant occasions, long over knee boots in black are very good for everyday wear. You can also choose a small handbag in black and a long coat with a tie belt in black. Since the outfit is kept very simple overall, you are welcome to be a little bolder with the jewelry and, for example, choose slightly more eye-catching earrings in silver or gold.

Sweater dresses

sweater dress
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Instead of wearing jeans and a turtleneck, we advise you to try a sweater dress this season. This year the dresses are almost exclusively available in simple and natural colors, but all the shorter. Knee-high boots with a wide shaft look best as a small break in style, but over-knees are also a good choice to complete the outfit. Very important: Don’t forget the warming tights under your knitted dress!

You can put on a warm, oversized quilted coat, which is all the rage this season. Black is always best here, as this allows you to be flexible with the combination options for your outfit. If you combine it with an elegant crocodile leather pouch, you are perfectly styled and brave the icy temperatures in a wow look!

The little pink

pink long dress
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Even if we prefer a warm and cozy outfit in the cold temperatures, we can also dress up on the holidays and bring a little color into play to defy the gray of winter. The best here are bright colors, which we might more likely associate with summer. With the little pink we lift the mood this year and bring some color to the dreary season. In addition to the eye-catching color, your festive outfit can also have a few playful details such as balloon sleeves, bows, or knots.

In addition to warming tights, we combine over-the-knee boots made of suede with heels for the winter so that our legs can be lengthened even more. a blazer in a delicate pink and a quilted shoulder bag in cream takes up the color scheme of the dress and gives it an even more elegant touch.

The governess dress

the governess dress
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What was the trend for blouses in spring and summer this year, we are continuing this winter with the governess dress. A high collar and puffed sleeves are a must. In lively colors or with playful prints, however, the dress doesn’t look strict at all, but rather modern. It is therefore ideal for the holidays, but it is also ideal for everyday use if you are in the mood for a more elegant outfit.

While you can combine the dress with high heels, a small handbag, and matching jewelry on the Christmas holidays or on New Year’s Eve, it can be perfectly combined with a tailored cardigan in cream with cute details such as gold buttons in everyday life. If you also wear the trendy Chelsea boots in cream, you create an unexpected, but super fashionable break in style with the rough boots in connection with the chic dress. If you compliment the outfit in orange and cream with golden jewelry, you not only look amazing but also stand up to the gray colors of winter with your outfit in warm tones!

The 40s dress

the 40s dress
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Fabrics such as velvet and silk, elegant button plackets and the focus on the cleavage, that’s what defines the 40s dress. Just like Hollywood, we want to at least bring some glamor into our wardrobes this winter. Due to its special design, the dress is not only suitable for everyday use but also for festive occasions such as the Christmas holidays. Especially in colors like green or warm tones like rust red or orange, it fits perfectly into the Christmas season!

You can combine a dark green cardigan with the rust-red short dress with V-neckline and button placket. This not only keeps you warm but also represents a great warm-cold contrast in conjunction with the rust-red dress! You can also combine short black leather ankle boots with heels and a small handbag that picks up on the color of the cardigan. Et voilá: You’re already perfectly styled for the Christmas holidays!

Winter dresses for every occasion

Regardless of the occasion, whether for everyday life or the holiday season, the 5 dress trends offer you the right dress and a wide range of possible combinations for every occasion. If you prefer simple, monochrome, and uncomplicated dresses that can be easily and quickly combined, you will surely find what you are looking for with the bodycon dresses. If you like it a bit more conspicuous, you will find your joy in the dresses with high collars and puff sleeves or the splashes of color in pink. Or how about several clothing trends in your closet? Then you can be sure that you are well prepared for every occasion!