That’s Why Everyone Has Slices Of Cucumber In The Freezer!

That’s Why Everyone Has Slices Of Cucumber In The Freezer!

Frozen cucumbers are going viral on TikTok. Not for eating, however, but for facial care. Here’s what frozen cucumbers have to do with better blood circulation.

A new trend is currently going viral on the social media platform TikTok-Trend, even if there are divided opinions about its effect. Numerous TikTok users are currently posting videos in which they massage their face with a frozen cucumber.

As with other massage tools, it is rolled inside out with some pressure. This is said to have an effect similar to lymphatic drainage.


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After quartz rollers, gua sha stones or eye pads were trendy for a long time, frozen cucumbers are now. Users who post corresponding videos on TikTok promise themselves to stimulate the blood circulation in the face and to let swelling subside.

Also dark circles can be alleviated by massaging with frozen cucumber. The TikTok users also assume a general improvement in skin texture.

For best results, the face should be massaged in the morning after cleansing and before applying serums and creams. The massage can be repeated again in the evening.


It has long been a trend to use cold massage tools or ice cubes for facial massage using the skin icing method. So why is the cucumber trending right now?

Users expect a radiant complexion not only because of the frozen condition. Cucumbers are high in vitamin B, vitamin C, and calcium.

However, it is questionable whether the desired effect can really be achieved through a massage. In response to the trend, TikTok user Dr. Karan Raj publishes a video in which he doubts that frozen cucumbers have such an effect.

The cold can reduce swelling or redness. However, he recommends simply eating the cucumber in order to absorb its active ingredients.


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Even so, the frozen state of the cucumber can stimulate blood flow to the skin. The cold also relieves puffy eyes. Instead of a cucumber, inedible massage tools for the face – such as a Gua Sha stone or a quartz roller – can also be used. Eye pads also help against dark circles.

However, the cucumber is an inexpensive alternative. Since you probably no longer want to eat a cucumber that you previously rubbed through your face, massage stones or quartz rollers are more sustainable in the long run.

Regardless of whether it is cucumber, ice cubes or a roller – it is important that the frozen massage product does not remain in one place for too long, but is in constant motion. Otherwise the skin can be damaged. This cold massage is not particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

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