What Are The Most Beautiful Trends In 2021 For Decorating A Christmas Tree?

What Are The Most Beautiful Trends In 2021 For Decorating A Christmas Tree?

Ho ho ho! Christmas is just around the corner and what shouldn’t be missing is a festively decorated Christmas tree. Which decoration trends will sweeten our anticipation this year? We reveal here!

The pre-Christmas season has begun and the most beautiful festival of the year is not long gone. Time to dig out the cookie recipes, throw the Christmas playlist on and give the apartment a festive update with fairy lights and Co. ! Hardly any other festival in the year is associated with so many beautiful traditions as Christmas.

One of the most popular customs of the Christmas season, in addition to the nicely wrapped gifts, is especially the setting up of a Christmas tree. After the perfect Christmas tree has finally been found and set up (as straight as possible!), It is important to find the right jewelry for it. So that your Christmas tree can shine in full splendor this year too, we have put together the most beautiful trends of the year for you.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how colorful is your balls! Instead of relying on classic Christmas balls in Bordeaux and gold, this year we can dare to use new colors and shapes. 

With which Christmas tree decoration trends you can now bring more variety to your Christmas decorations and how do you make your tree a real eye-catcher? We reveal here! Best of all: You can get all decor trends and even more festive inspiration in the current Christmas collection – both in the online shop and in the branches.

Pretty in pink: Soft pink for an elegant ambiance

soft pink christmas ball
img source: thechristmascart.com.au

When choosing Christmas decorations, most of us tend to go for warm colors such as bordeaux or dark blue. Light colors give the Christmas tree an elegant and modern touch. This year, therefore, more subtle colors are right on-trend. Tip: Light tones such as beige, light blue, or pink can be combined well with silver or white accents.

Would you like an example? The pretty mini Christmas balls with mica pearls are a real dream in pink and turn every Christmas tree into an eye-catcher. A tree decorated with delicate colors is particularly effective in a minimalist apartment.

Hearts and stars instead of classic balls

decoration for christmas
img source: ae01.alicdn.com

When we think of Christmas tree decorations, we often have the classic balls in mind. But why not be brave and create an individual note with beautiful pendants in different shapes? Children in particular love to discover different objects on the tree!

Shapes like hearts or stars are an absolute must-have on the Christmas tree this year. So it’s no wonder that is presenting a large selection of Christmas tree pendants in heart or star shape in this year’s Christmas collection. Big or small, with or without glitter – there is something for every taste.

Pure luxury: Christmas balls in a metallic look

metallic balls
img source: cb2.scene7.com

Are you planning a royal Christmas with sparkle and glamor? How about balls in a noble metallic look? No other Christmas tree decoration gives the Christmas tree such a glamorous look as balls that shimmer in royal colors such as gold, silver, or bronze.

This year you don’t have to limit yourself to gold and silver, you can choose from a large selection of shiny metallic Christmas tree balls in different shades and sizes. If you prefer something a bit more conspicuous, you can, for example, combine brighter colors such as purple or green with classic metallic balls in silver.

Conclusion: New colors and shapes on the tree

decoration for tree
img source: thespruce.com

Delicate, light nuances set the tone this year and give the Christmas tree an elegant and modern look. Festively decorated pendants, for example in the shape of a heart or star, provide special highlights. And a Christmas classic is in constant use again this year: in 2021 we will love Christmas balls in a noble metallic look!

The good news for all decoration fans: The pretty tree decoration trends can do much more than just beautify the fir green! How about, for example, an Advent arrangement made of Christmas tree decorations or a festive ball wreath as wall decoration? There are no limits to creativity here.

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