Dixie D’Amelio After Shitstorn – She Collapsed Crying

Dixie D’Amelio After Shitstorn – She Collapsed Crying

In “The D’Amelio Show”, Dixie D’Amelio also shows the dark side of fame. Hate messages from fans make the TikTok star cry.

Since September 3rd, fans of the sisters Charli (17) and Dixie D’Amelio (20) have been able to glimpse the lives of the two TikToks on ” The D’Amelio Show “, which is broadcast on the platform “hulu.com” -Stars and their family received. Dixie reveals that behind her radiant facade lives a vulnerable soul. Hate comments from fans upset the 20-year-old, reports “insider.com”.

Dixie D’Amelio bursts into tears

dixie crying
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In a clip that a fan published on TikTok, Dixie tearfully expresses her incomprehension about the hatred that hits her on the net. “Everyone is concerned with every single thing I say or do or how I look,” she says, adding, “I know this is just people’s opinion, but it hurts so much.”

Family tries to comfort Dixie D’Amelio

damelio family
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Another excerpt from the show posted by a fan on Instagram shows Dixie’s family trying to comfort the completely broken up TikTok star. She has the feeling that she deserves nothing, says the 20-year-old, who is apparently full of uncertainties despite her more than 54 million fans. “I try everything to improve and it will only get worse,” she sobs desperately, adding, “You destroy everything I do and turn it into a negative thing.”

Dixie D’Amelio received a lot of support from the fans

Understanding comments on Instagram show that Dixie and her sister are not only surrounded by haters.

One follower wrote: “It’s so sad to see it. It’s hard to be a teenager. But to be a teenager who is watched by everyone and whose actions are condemned by everyone is worse.”

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