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4 Beautiful DIY Ideas For The Christmas Season


Would you like to decorate for Christmas – without spending a lot of money? Just make your decoration yourself! We have four DIY ideas for you that are easy to make, cheap, and sustainable.

Paint winter wonderland on the window

holiday window painting
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With glass board recorders or chalk markers, you can quickly and easily conjure up beautiful Christmas scenery at your window. You can let off steam: Whether you prefer to paint snow-covered houses with smoking chimneys or draw a winter forest. There are no limits to your ideas.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can quickly wipe your work off the window with water.

Cut snowflakes out of paper

Whether on the Christmas tree, on the snowy window, or as a Christmas table coaster. White or blue snowflakes made of paper are always a real eye-catcher.

The snowflakes can be quickly put on paper with a few skillful cuts and you can bring the Christmas spirit straight into your home. Regardless of whether there is snow outside or not.

For this you need:

Construction paper ( white or colored)





That’s how it works: Draw a circle with the compass on the construction paper of your choice. The size of your circle tells you the size of your snowflake.

Then cut out the circle and fold the circle once into a semicircle in the middle. The third is the semicircle. To do this, fold back a third of the semicircle and a third of the semicircle to the front.

This gives the snowflake three points. The more you fold the circle, the more points your snowflake will have at the end.

Now you can let off steam. Use the pencil to draw a pattern of spikes, lines, and holes that you then cut out with the scissors. Make sure that none of the outer edges are completely cut off, otherwise, the snowflake will crumble. Then you can erase the pencil lines and unfold the snowflake.

Sustainable tip: Instead of buying new construction paper, you can also make snowflakes out of newspaper or sandwich bags. This is not only cheaper but also gives your snowflakes a unique touch!

Christmas scented balls made of oranges with cloves

christmas scented balls
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You may also know the Scandinavian custom of peppering oranges with cloves. Behind this is a sustainable alternative to the conventional advent calendar.

24 cloves are put in orange and one is removed every day. With their delicious scent, the clove oranges not only exude a Christmas feeling but also make an excellent decoration.

All you need are oranges and dried cloves, preferably organic. Even if it is only used for decoration, fewer pesticides are emitted. Then you put the cloves in the orange and you can come up with beautiful patterns.

Make small Christmas trees out of toilet rolls

christmas trees of toilet rolls

Are you looking for another sustainable decoration idea? We have one for you and it costs next to nothing: Christmas trees made from toilet rolls.

As I said, all you need are leftover toilet rolls. Draw the outline of a fir tree on the roll with a pencil and leave a piece of the roll for your tree to stand. Then cut it out along the lines you drew.

Then paint the tree with green acrylic paint. If you like, you can finally decorate the tree with mini Christmas balls or fairy lights and your little Christmas tree is ready.