5 Do-It-Yourself Body Scrubs

5 Do-It-Yourself Body Scrubs

At least once a week we should treat our body to an extended care program. Of course, this also includes a good peeling for skin that is soft to the touch. You can easily make your own favorite product at home with these five recipes.

Sugar and olive oil scrub

Sugar and olive oil scrub
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For this mixture, simply mix 2-3 tablespoons of sugar with a little olive oil. Distribute the mass on the body in circular movements, let it work for a short time, and rinse off with water. Since this variant can be produced in a flash, it can also be used wonderfully for the hands in between. Then apply lotion well!

Almond yogurt scrub

almond yogurt scrub
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Be careful, sweet tooth! This peeling can quickly make your mouth water. For the mixture, mix a few spoons of unsweetened natural yogurt with the same amount of grated almonds and, if you like, a little honey. Mix everything well, apply to the body and let it work in briefly before rinsing off.

Healing clay peeling

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For this variant, simply mix 1-2 cups of healing earth (available in health food stores, for example) with either chamomile tea or water. After the mass has been rubbed generously on the body, the cooling and anti-inflammatory peeling can remain on the body for 10-15 minutes in order to develop its full effect. Then simply rinse with water.

Sea salt and honey peeling

sea salt and honey peeling
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This natural product has a soothing and calming effect on the skin. The honey also provides an extra portion of moisture. For one application, simply mix a cup of coarse sea salt with 2-3 tablespoons of honey. If the sea salt is too sharp for you, you can easily replace it with normal table salt.

Coffee peeling

coffe peeling
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The secret weapon against cellulite and easy to make: Simply rub the (caffeinated!) Coffee grounds from the breakfast table into your body in the shower. If you want to increase the care effect, you can mix the coffee with a little olive or jojoba oil. Let it work for a short time, rinse off, done!

Attention, when it comes to skincare, too, the following rule applies: less is more! This is why you shouldn’t use body and face scrubs more than once a week so that the skin has enough time to regenerate in the meantime. After peeling, the body is happy about an extra portion of moisturizing cream – for an optimal result!

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