Best Ways How To Easily Save Calories- Serving Size Tips

Best Ways How To Easily Save Calories- Serving Size Tips

One of the most common mistakes when trying to lose weight is eating too large portions. Nutritionists now have a guideline on how to do the trick.

Granted, some foods are really difficult to dose. Everyone knows the problem of having cooked way too much pasta. Instead of eating the leftovers the next day, however, many then allow themselves a second serving.

As a result, they consume more calories than the body actually needs. This is a problem especially for those who actually want to lose weight. But which portion sizes are appropriate as part of a healthy, balanced diet?

A food guide from the British Nutrition Foundation provides guidance on how to portion various foods.

So you can portion food without tools

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According to the guideline, the art of correct portioning lies in choosing portions in such a way that they can be easily displayed without scales or measuring cups – after all, these aids are not always at hand in everyday life.

According to the experts, you should “measure” food with your hand or a spoon. According to the guidebook, five servings of fruit and vegetables a  day are a must to achieve weight loss and at the same time to eat healthily. 

Ideally, at least three servings will consist of vegetables. An apple or several berries fit in one hand and thus correspond to one serving. Vegetables should be portioned with a tablespoon.

It is well known that most people do not go overboard with fruit and vegetables, but rather with meat, cheese, and sweets.

The following applies to beef and poultry: One portion is about half the size of your hand. A taller person usually has a larger hand and, according to the theory, needs a larger serving than someone who is average or small.

The same principle applies to fish fillets, while with canned fish one can correspond to one serving.

The British Nutrition Foundation recommends consuming at least three servings of high protein foods a day. This can be meat and fish as well as eggs and legumes.

How much cheese can you eat a day without gaining weight?

The rule for this is simple: just press your thumbs together, that’s the size of a serving. Two to three servings of dairy products are considered healthy.

You can eat that many potatoes

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For pasta, rice, and potatoes (in the raw state) it should not be more than two handfuls per day.

Of course, you should be sparing when it comes to sweets. Chocolate, biscuits, and the like are not listed in the plan, but a small snack is possible from time to time to avoid food cravings.

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