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6 Reasons Why Electric Bikes Are The Future Of City Commuting?


We are constantly hearing the news that bigger cities around the world are becoming more and more polluted and this is a worrying fact that can have a very bad effect on our health in the future. What is the cause of air pollution? And how can we be a little more aware of our environment and keep it clean for our future and for the generations to come?

All that fog and stench that we feel in the air is the result of several things such as the automotive industry that is expanding day by day and emitting a huge cloud of harmful gases that are bad for our health. The uprooting of green areas, tree lines, parks are a kind of lungs of the city itself that gives it fresh air, and in their place sprout huge concrete buildings that prevent the small flow of clean air that we have. Factories located in settlements where people live, instead of in a place far from the city, which with their unfiltered chimneys additionally emit harmful substances that pollute the air. All these factors that we mentioned earlier, have their role in what will be the air quality.

How can we as ordinary citizens without any authority contribute to this situation changing for the better? Very easily, there is a way and all that is needed is to turn on the awareness and start acting to improve the environment.

It is enough to take a small step that will be of great importance for our environment. For example, let’s start with the type of transport we use. Instead of a car that runs on diesel, let’s choose an alternative that will be environmentally friendly. We can replace a diesel car with a biodiesel car. Biodiesel is a less toxic and biodegradable fuel that pollutes significantly less the environment in which we live. Next, we can use public transport, such as a bus or a tram, instead of by car to get to work. If it is a short distance, it is better to go on foot, in this way we will be physically active and we will live in a fit condition. Also, a great option is to use a bicycle as a means of transportation, whether it is an ordinary bicycle or an electric one.

So let’s dwell a little more on the electric bike and see why this vehicle could become one of the most used in the future.

Environmentally friendly

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By using this vehicle as a means of transportation, you are helping to maintain a clean environment. A bicycle that is powered by an electric motor does not emit any harmful substances that will cause air pollution. Environmental activists support this way of transporting around the city and call on all citizens to start using it so that we can contribute to a cleaner environment for the younger generations.

Fast transport from one location to another

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Surely you know how problematic and chaotic transport is around the city, especially in rush hour when everyone finishes work and wants to get to their homes as soon as possible. Then there is a huge crowd on the streets and it takes you hours to get home even though the distance is not long. The electric bike offers you a chance to avoid this congestion and get from one location to another quickly.

Keeps you physically active

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Although it is powered by an electric motor, you still have the opportunity to use the wheels as on a regular bicycle. This is great for maintaining physical activity and maintaining a healthy body.

Reduced chance of an accident

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We know that there are daily accidents involving cyclists. People do not pay attention to other road users and accidents happen easily. However, it is very rare to hear that electronic bicycles are involved in accidents. The electric motor allows you to accelerate the bike at the right moment and avoid an accident at the right time. It also reduces the chance of you falling on a sharp turn or downhill. It offers you stability on any surface.

You save a lot of money

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Just consider how much money you spend on a monthly or annual basis to maintain the car you drive. Starting with the money you spend every week, minor repairs, annual registration and insurance, replacement parts, and the like. Using an electric bike is a much more economical option as it does not involve any serious repairs that will cost you a lot, which means that it is cheap to maintain. The money you have spent so far on car maintenance can now be used for something else.

Quickly avoid city congestion

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A quick and easy solution to avoid the huge crowds on the streets and public transport. It transports you from home to any location in a short time. At the same time, you will stay fresh and clean as you leave home, unlike ordinary bicycles which will make you tired and sweaty until you get to work. Which can make you look like you ran a marathon before entering the office.

These are some of the benefits you will get if you decide on the design of the vehicle. And we strongly encourage you to make this change for the benefit of the environment and society. If you have already considered buying an e-bike warmly we recommend you to visit tope-bikes.com. On this website, you will have a unique opportunity to see some of the best brands that produce this type of bike. But that’s not all, you have the opportunity to read reviews about each of them. How satisfied or dissatisfied are the customers with them, which brand is the best in terms of price and quality and the like. Take the time you need to read the reviews and decide on the model that is created for your needs.

We all deserve to live in a clean environment and enjoy every moment it offers. So let us today be the ones to start this change, and be the motive for the rest of humanity to do the same.