The “Emily in Paris” Star Got Married!

The “Emily in Paris” Star Got Married!

Just beautiful: Lily Collins got married and the pictures from the wedding are really impressive!

It reminds a bit of Cinderella from the fairy tale film – only that the cape that actress Lily Collins (32 ) wore at her wedding to director Charlie McDowell (38) was not made of shiny silk to match the dreamy wedding dress made of the finest lace.

Lily Collins got married

lily collins and husband sharing kiss
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The “Emily in Paris” star shares several pictures of the most beautiful day in her life on Instagram and they are truly impressive.

“I never wanted to be someone’s more than you do and now I can be your wife,” writes the 32-year-old overjoyed about a photo in which she kisses her husband. On Saturday (September 4th) they swore eternal loyalty, the series star reveals. And asserts: “I love you more than anything, Charlie McDowell.”

On another snapshot where Lily beams into the camera, she comments: “I’ve never been happier.”

And the third shot, which fans get to see on Instagram, is bursting with romance. Then the bride and groom kiss in front of a babbling waterfall in the middle of nature. Lily’s words about it are also heartfelt: “What started as a fairy tale is now my reality forever. I will never be able to describe how far beyond the mundane this past weekend was, but magic is definitely a good start … ”

lily collins wedding
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