This Is How Emily Ratajkowski Keeps Her Dream Figure

This Is How Emily Ratajkowski Keeps Her Dream Figure

How do all the models and actresses do it to look so gorgeous? Superstar Emily Ratajkowsky reveals her weight loss tricks and they have some surprises in store.

There should actually be people who don’t know who the model Emily Ratajkowski is – despite 20 million followers on Instagram, various cover shoots, and appearances in film and television.

A fairytale career

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Well, let’s introduce Emily briefly. The now 27-year-old American has been working for her 14 years as a model, n oh leaving school now full time. Her big breakthrough in the industry came after a shoot with star photographer Tony Duran. The photos ended up on the covers of “Treats! Magazine ”and the“ GQ ”.

Emily has been known to the general public since she appeared in Robin Thicke’s video for his number one hit “Blurred Lines” in 2013. By the way, Thicke is the singer who performs and looks like a young version of George Michael. Since then, Emily’s career has been on the upswing!  In addition to other music videos and modeling jobs, she appeared in Hollywood films such as “Gone Girl” or “Cruise”.

So far so good. That Emily still looks gorgeous doesn’t need to be mentioned. But how does she do it? She shared her weight loss tips in interviews. Your biggest secret? Maybe that there is no secret at all.

Emily’s hot meal is only served in the evening. Your day is just too full of appointments and there is no time to eat. And a full stomach is nothing if you have to go in front of the camera. Therefore there is a maximum of one salad or one sandwich.

Delivery services earn really well from her …

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Whether Italian, Indian, Japanese, or Thai, Emily loves delivery services. She even says her refrigerator is overflowing with the leftovers that she couldn’t manage.

…But so do restaurants

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Dinner is the ideal time for Emily to chat with friends or to maintain contact. Her favorite restaurant: the vegan chain “Café Gratitude”. Moment! So not always meat after all?

She can still cook

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By her own admission, Emily knows a lot of recipes. It is important to her to pay attention to good ingredients and to know what is really in the food.

Dessert is allowed – at least now and then

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When it comes to desserts, Emily loves pastries: cupcakes, pumpkin cheesecakes, and anything with dark chocolate. Not every day, but absolute renunciation is also not for them.

 A glass of water at bedtime

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The glass of water is part of the evening routine for Emily. However, she does not keep a record of the amount drunk. It’s more of a cherished ritual.

Yoga as a sport

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Emily visits a yoga studio several times a week. Regular sport is simply part of everyday life for the model.

Go for a walk instead of cardio

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Emily, on the other hand, is not into gyms. Instead, she covers as many distances as possible on foot, loves walks, and occasionally goes hiking with friends. Running is less of her thing.

The tips are all easy to implement – more walks and less dessert are definitely a great start.

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