This Is The Reason For Excessive Foot Sweat

This Is The Reason For Excessive Foot Sweat

Around 365 million people worldwide suffer from extreme perspiration. The sweating of the feet is often associated with unpleasant odors. But what is the reason?

99 percent of human sweat consists of water, the rest are salts and a little fat. If this liquid escapes, it is completely odorless. However, that changes quickly when the bacteria on our skin start doing their job and butyric acid is produced. A putrid, often even pungent odor forms, which is difficult to bear, especially in closed rooms.

Why do we actually sweat?

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The question of why people sweat is easy to answer: The body uses the liquid as an effective means of protecting itself from overheating because the evaporating water cools. However, it is precisely this evaporation process that is disturbed when our feet are in tight shoes. Sweat cannot evaporate here and the bacteria find an ideal habitat in the warm, humid atmosphere. It starts to stink, of course, especially when we get rid of the hip sneakers on an important date in the apartment of our loved one …

However, heat protection is not the only reason for perspiration. In the case of excessive sweating, which doctors call hyperhidrosis, the causes are often different. Triggers can, for example, be strong waves of emotion – the sweat of fear is a well-known example. The body is stressed and reacting. But hormonal changes in the body also lead to increased sweating. Pubescent and menopausal women can sing a lament about it. Damp hands and feet, dark spots under the armpits – it’s just uncomfortable for others too.

Anyone who frequently suffers from heavy sweating should have the causes clarified by a doctor. In most cases the causes already mentioned will be the underlying cause, but in some cases, the sweaty stress for our body is also caused by serious diseases such as the thyroid gland. Certain types of cancer are also considered to be sweaty.

What can you do against sweaty feet?

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If you want to avoid bad-smelling foot sweat, you should above all ensure good ventilation and change your socks every day – preferably several times a day. Of course, sandals help, but closed-toe shoes made from breathable materials can also alleviate the problem. Sometimes you can’t avoid using a deodorant that neutralizes odors.

Why do we sweat so much on our feet?

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The fact that many people cannot get their sweaty feet completely under control, even without a disease is present, is due to the human anatomy: According to “”, the majority of the sweat glands are not located in our armpits, but on the underside of the feet. There are 370, mind you, per square centimeter.

It is assumed that this arrangement is a relic from the distant past when man still roamed barefoot through the woods. Back then, the moisture supposedly ensured optimum traction, which we really no longer need in our high-tech shoes today.

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