How To Get This Expensive Decoration Yourself?-Tips and Tricks

How To Get This Expensive Decoration Yourself?-Tips and Tricks

The popular decoration trend is easy to care for and can be combined with many furnishing styles. But just a few stalks of pampas grass usually cost a lot of money. With this trick, you can dry it yourself for free at home.

Pampas grass seems to remain a popular decoration. Because the light decorative grass is not only suitable for summer, but also for autumn decorations. Since it is dried and does not require any special care, pampas grass is a good alternative to indoor plants.

Numerous decoration shops now offer decorative grass. But since pampas grass has become a big decoration trend, the prices are also enormous. Instead of buying grass for a lot of money, you can simply dry it yourself.

This is how you can get free pampas grass

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The prerequisite for this, of course, is that you have free access to the plant. For example, because friends or you yourself have planted the ornamental grass in the garden. Because pampas grass is not just a beautiful decoration for interiors.

It also looks particularly beautiful outside. The ornamental grass usually begins to bloom at the end of August. Then you can cut it off right on the ground with secateurs.

Just make sure the grass is dry when you cut it. You should also wear gardening gloves because the stalks can be sharp.

Simply dry the pampas grass yourself

First, you should hang the harvested grass upside down. Preferably in a dark, dry place. The disadvantage: it takes about four weeks for the ornamental grass to dry completely.

When the pampas grass is completely dry, shake it out again. So it becomes more voluminous. Even after a short time in the vase, the grass will still gain in volume.

Easy to care for and versatile

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No other decoration made of grass is so easy to care for. The pampas grass does not require water and will retain its volume for many years. To prevent it from linting, you can simply spray it with a little hairspray.

You can decorate the beautiful ornamental grass, for example, in a tall and narrow vase made of glass or terracotta. Shorter grasses also go well with a small, round vase. Make sure that the frond only starts a few inches above the neck of the vase.

The pampas grass goes well with the Scandi look, decorative stones, sand, or puristic elegance. The pampas grass also works well in the boho style, in combination with wood.

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