This is What It Means When Your Eyebrows Fall Out

This is What It Means When Your Eyebrows Fall Out

Hair loss is bad enough, but unfortunately not that unusual. But what does it mean if the eyebrows fall out?

Full and beautiful eyebrows are again very popular this summer. But for some women, this trend is painfully bypassed because the eyebrows are falling out. It is not known exactly how many women are affected. However, many of them are deeply concerned when their brows suddenly thicken. And as rarely as this symptom occurs, the causes can be numerous.

Hair loss on eyebrows can be due to hormonal reasons

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The loss of the eyebrows (and also the eyelashes) is sometimes associated with the loss of the hair on the head, according to “ “- but often not. In men, the cause is in many cases a high level of the sex hormone testosterone, which gradually causes the hair roots to die off. And even in women, eyebrow loss can have hormonal reasons, especially during menopause and pregnancy, when female hormones go crazy. But that’s not all.

Other possible causes of eyebrow loss

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Thyroid diseases can also lead to the loss of eyebrows – namely when the balance between the hormones triiodothyronine and thyroxine is out of balance. Several inflammatory skin diseases can also be a cause, for example, psoriasis or rosacea, which manifests itself in red spots, blisters, and lumps.

Extreme stress, which has a negative influence on the hormonal balance, is also a possible reason, as well as diabetes or autoimmune diseases such as arthritis or rheumatism. A lack of nutrients can also lead to failures, especially in the case of zinc, iron, or biotin deficiency. Lastly, allergic reactions can also play a role. These mostly contact allergies to certain care products, for example, creams, cleaning products or make-up.

If the eyebrows are falling out, you should see a doctor

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The causes for the loss of the eyebrows can therefore be varied and it is very often a symptom that has a larger health connection. If you have not yet been diagnosed with any of the diseases or hormone problems listed, you can actually only identify allergies, skin diseases, or perhaps even stress as causes – and only very vaguely. For example, you can try swapping your skincare products. However, the allergen that affects you can also be present in many other products. When it comes to stress, the diagnosis of cause and effect is often rather imprecise. And in the case of visible skin diseases, your path should lead you to the doctor anyway – and that’s generally the best.

Unfortunately, there is no direct effective therapy against the falling out of the eyebrows. Before treatment, a clear diagnosis must be made by a doctor. In any case, eyebrow loss shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the problem behind it could be far more serious than the annoyance of a missed summer trend.

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