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8 Signs That You Are Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Diet


As a dog owner, the health and well-being of your furry friend should be one of the most important things. It is not enough to give them a home and a fun environment where they can play. Out of all the pets you can have, dogs probably require the most work. Being a pet owner comes with a ton of responsibilities since you are no longer only looking for yourself. Even if you have a family already, now that you have also had a pet means one extra household member to support. 

Caring for a dog comes in a variety of ways, but none of them is a choice. Every single thing is a must if you want your furball to be happy. This means giving them affection and care, as well as allowing them their space and a chance to be themselves. Most importantly, it implies giving them the right type of food to eat. In the modern world where people are more divided than ever regarding the things we consume, many think that dogs’ diets also need change. However, that is not true and dogs need to eat specific things if they are to thrive.

If you are unsure what to give your dog to eat, pay attention to its behavior. There are telltale signs that point to whether or not your doggy is on the wrong diet. In this article, we talk about this and give you all the information you need to change your pet’s life for the better. To learn more about owning dogs and dog care in general, make sure to check out

Diarrhea and/or Constipation

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If your dog is experiencing problems when going to the toilet to do the number two, the most common reason is the diet. Many owners first believe that their dog ate something other than the food they have been giving them, or that they have some other issues. The first thing to check is the food however since both diarrhea and constipation can indicate that they are not compatible with the food they are eating. It may need to be more solid, softer, or completely different. 


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Just like in humans, excessive and abnormal flatulence both in frequency and in smell is a clear indicator that their tummy does not agree with the food you have been serving them. If you are not sure about what is wrong, both here and with diarrhea or constipation, it would be best to check in with a vet. If you have been experimenting with food, it would be smart to stop and go back to the food that did not cause any issues.

Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

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This could be a very obvious sign that something with the diet has gone south. A weight gain could happen due to the lack of activity or in the older age, but if it is too sudden for comfort it has to be the food. The same goes for your pup suddenly going skinny. If the dog is otherwise completely healthy and active during the day but they are gaining or losing weight rapidly, it is time to do something about the food. The current diet may no longer be working or they may require something else in their current health and thriving state to support further growth and well-being.


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Itchy skin and scratching could be a sign of a food allergy in your doggo. Dogs do always scratch, more so than other animals, and it is natural. However, you can probably tell when your pup is doing it more often or more vigorously than usual. If it looks like they are not enjoying their own scratching and that they are perhaps irritated, it is probably an allergy of sorts. Now, if nothing else could have happened to cause it, it had to be the food. Perhaps some ingredient is the issue if it is not the entire food type.

Ear Problems

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Problems with ears in pets can be quite difficult to deal with because a lot of things may be causing them. If you have tried everything and all the boxes are checked but the problems persist, it may be the diet. Food is sometimes to blame for the gunk buildup due to certain allergies. This tends to happen the most if you switch to another food type or a different brand. Revert back to how things were and you may solve the problem. 

Low Energy, Tiredness, Fatigue

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Again, just like in humans, eating the wrong way will cause your pet to be overly tired and without any will or energy to be active. Even if they do want to run and play as they used to, the time frame in which they will be able to do it will be significantly smaller. Heavy food or just any food that their bodies take longer to digest will do this to a dog. Sluggish pets almost always have insufficient levels of vitamins and nutrients, which is why they do not seem interested in anything but sleeping and being lazy. Change their diet and they will get back to their old self.

Decreased Appetite or Picky Eating

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Dogs should not really be picky eaters. They are omnivorous and they will gulp down on basically anything if you are not careful. Therefore, if they refuse to eat food that is fresh, it has to be something they do not like. They could know that it does not suit them, or they may dislike the look, the taste, the smell, or a combination of these. Do not force them to eat it either. Change it up a bit and they should start eating normally again. Dogs have the right to dislike something, but they should not be fussy eaters by nature. Decreased appetite is a sign of the wrong food being served in most such cases. 


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Either immediately after eating or later, vomiting may be a sign of a wrong diet. Being sick after eating anything is a cause for greater concern. If they always throw up after a certain thing though, they obviously disagree with it and you should stop serving it. The reason hardly matters. The dog does not like it or it causes them discomfort, and that should be enough for the owners to stop giving it to them.