5 Tips For Finding The Best BBQ For Your Outdoor Cooking Adventures 

5 Tips For Finding The Best BBQ For Your Outdoor Cooking Adventures 

Who doesn’t like an eventful BBQ dinner with their family outdoors? We have been a fan of BBQ dinners ever since David introduced Patrick to his parents and sister on their barbecue siesta, and it eventually turned into a fun family drama (100 points to you if you get the reference). Please don’t get upset if you haven’t watched Shitts’ Creek because we are going to introduce you to some of the most excellent tips for finding the best BBQ for your outdoor cooking adventures

Compare and Contrast 

Yes, if you are finding the best BBQ for your outdoor adventure, the first step in finding the perfect equipment is to compare and contrast. Try to decide whether you want a built-in, portable, charcoal, gas, pellet, or electric model. Apart from this, consider the size of your family and whether you have little kids running in your yard who could harm themselves with equipment of that size! 

Choose from the available models

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There are so many BBQ models available that you will be spoilt for choice when you go out selecting one. 

Charcoal Barbecue

One of the most classic barbecue models, a charcoal barbecue will give you a run for your money with its new and improved features. Some of these features include a contemporary look for a chateau that exudes French superiority, enhanced performance, robust construction, practical cooking surfaces, improved storage, greater space for adding wood, a spacious ash catcher, and a durable propane lighter. A charcoal barbecue is lighter in size and is therefore ideal if you have scheduled camping on the family list of to-do things. 

Gas Barbecue

If you wish to add some spice to your outdoor cooking adventure, a gas barbecue can be the ideal choice. However, there are two categories of gas barbecues available in the market. These include those that utilize propane gas and the ones that employ natural gas directly from your home’s gasoline supply. However, if you take your BBQ to places apart from your home, buying the propane gas barbecue should be your choice considering it allows mobility and convenience. 

Apart from this, using a gas barbecue is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is heat the BBQ to the ideal temperature and get cooking! 

Electric Barbecue

If you want to get the ultimate barbecuing experience without the hassle of flaming fire, electric barbecue is the way to go. Electric barbecues are more prevalent in urban areas since residents can use them throughout the year. However, you will come across two variants, and you can choose whichever model suits your requirements best. You can get either a large or small cooking surface based on your family’s size and needs. There are even eco-friendly heating models available that heats the grill directly. It doesn’t even produce any toxic fumes or smoke making it perfect for families of all sizes. 

Wood Pellet Grills

Wood Pellet Grills employ safe and easy-to-use hardwood pellets to cook the food. You can choose hickory, apple, or oak pellets to infuse a variety of flavors into your food. Since they are versatile, you can use wood pellet grills for cooking, smoking, braising, or searing your food. 


Individuals who keep flavor over everything must buy a smoker barbecue. Smoker BBQs use the smoke for cooking your food instead of getting heat directly from the fuel source. As a result, you can infuse whichever flavor you want by slow-cooking the meat, making it extra tender and delicious. 

To get the best BBQ reviews, guides, accessories, and recipes, visit grillsforbbq.com for more information. 

Consider the cooking power 

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The average power of a barbecue grill generally varies between 1500 to 2400 watts. As a result, if you wish to sear your meat to perfection, choose a grill with cooking power somewhere around 2000 watts. However, please note that the higher the power of a BBQ grill, the higher will be the grill’s potential to heat, and the faster the food will get ready. To determine how much cooking power you require, as a rule of thumb, divide the BTU (British Thermal Unit) by the entire cooking surface in square inches. 


Since burners constitute the primary heat source, choosing how many burners you require on your grill is crucial. Apart from this, the shape of a burner is also a significant factor that buyers must consider. For instance, burners that are shaped H, 8, Butterfly, or coiled deliver the maximum efficiency in terms of heat. Also, an eight-shaped burner also ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the girl. 

A Super 8 burner can help grillers reach a temperature as high as 315 degrees celsius in a matter of a few seconds, making it perfect for searing. Many BBQ grills now come with infrared burners that reach 1800 degrees celsius in the flick of a moment. Not only does it cook faster, but it is also ideal for cooking meats that need to be “slow-cooked to perfection.”


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Every BBQ grill brings something new to the table. However, it is you who has to decide what they require in terms of their family size and requirements. It could be that you need independent central and side burners since you wish to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously. However, if you are more particular about temperature, gas barbecues or BBQ grills equipped with infrared burners reach the ideal temperature more conveniently. 

Nonetheless, if you choose a BBQ grill with infrared burners, make sure that you know how to operate the grill appropriately because a lot of times, the food gets burned since it reaches 1800 degrees celsius in a matter of seconds. 

The Bottom Line 

You must pick a grill that involves low maintenance yet guarantees the most features at a budget price. Apart from that, consider your family’s size and requirements before buying a barbecue grill since it is the most crucial factor that will define your outdoor adventure. 

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