Foods I Ate To Lose The Weight Vegan – Shir Levi

This video is all about foods I ate throughout my weight loss journey and my best tips to transition from a regular diet to a raw vegan diet. In the past 4 years I lost 13 kg (30 pounds) in a very healthy and gradual way, and in this video I give examples to different meal plans I followed.
The first and main point is always to listen your own body! Every person is different and every situation is different. There is no one correct way to do things and in order to sustain a healthy & weight you must listen to your own wants and needs. Another important thing to note is that once you remove from your regular diet anything it is important to replace it with a healthy substitute so you wont create any deficiencies.

I went through three stages as I started loosing the weight and I give examples of meal plans I ate at every stage.

(1) First stage: Transitioning to a whole foods plant based vegan diet.
I started from the big issues, cutting out all animal products and processed foods. There are so many amazing vegan recipes and options and my body slowly starts to crave more simple foods and to clear out the toxins.

One day meal plan example:
Breakfast: Oatmeal with almond butter
Lunch: Big salad with legumes
Dinner: Rice/quinoa & veggies
Snack: Fruit

(2) Second stage: Transitioning to a high-raw vegan diet.
Unlimited fruit during the day, clean cooked foods at night (no oil, salt or gluten). Focusing on detox!
At this point I started incorporating more fruit into my diet, first for breakfast and with time at lunch as well. I ate raw food during the day and a clean cooked vegan meal at dinner. Adding all the fruit and leafy greens to my diet really supported my detox and weight loss.

One day meal plan example:
Breakfast: 6 bananas or big green smoothie
Lunch: 6 mangoes or big salad
Dinner: Potatoes or rice & broccoli
Snack: Fruit

(3) Third stage: Transitioning to a 80/10/10 raw vegan diet.
By no means do I think this is necessary to be completely healthy and satisfied, but if this is what your body is craving it is an amazingly abundant lifestyle that brings me so much joy every day.
At this stage the focus is on unlimited fruit and big amounts of leafy greens. It is important to eat enough to get all the nutrients you need!

One day meal plan example:
Breakfast: Half or whole large watermelon
Lunch: 4 papayas or 6 mangoes
Dinner: BIG salad with avocado


Enjoy the way, its an amazing journey to self discovery and health discovery ❤️ and as always the most important thing to take from these videos is to love yourself, listen to yourself and be kind to yourself!
Feel free to leave any questions or comments