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Which Fruits And Vegetables Are Now In Season?


Do you want to eat as healthy and environmentally conscious as possible? Our seasonal calendar shows you delicious fruits and vegetables that are in season in December.

The seasonal calendar is helpful for those who want an overview of which fruits and vegetables can currently be harvested in this country. Buying seasonal vegetables has the advantage that they neither have to be artificially grown nor have long journeys to get there.

Our selection mainly includes fresh products. Of course, there are also stored goods such as onions or potatoes to buy regionally, with which your kitchen will be even more varied. They have the advantage that they can be harvested at a specific time and then stored and sold all year round.

Seasonal fruit

apples and pears
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In December, the time for freshly grown locally grown fruit is over. So there is no such thing as seasonal fruit in the narrower sense of the word.

However, you get stored pears and apples from local cultivation. With both types of fruit, you can conjure up a lot in December that will convince even your guests at the Christmas meal.

As a starter, for example, you could offer baked pears with walnuts and blue cheese. Tagliatelle with creamy Gorgonzola and pear are suitable as a vegetarian starter or as a main course. Roast venison with porcini mushrooms and stuffed pears are also a possible main course on Christmas days, as is goose breast on pear foam or fillet of beef with red wine pears.

Cinnamon ice cream with pear and gingerbread sauce or a gingerbread pear strudel is a great dessert for your Christmas dinner.

Seasonal vegetables

brussels sprouts
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In December you don’t get a lot of fruit, but all the more delicious vegetables like this one:



Red cabbage

Celery root


Chinese cabbage



Parsley root

Brussels sprouts




You can easily prepare wonderful winter dishes and festive dishes from red cabbage, savoy cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are an excellent accompaniment to many Christmas dinners. You can serve it as a vegetable with venison medallions, with a ragout with cinnamon sauce, and with wild boar, deer, or duck.

Vegetarian dishes with Brussels sprouts for Christmas are, for example, a foamed Brussels sprouts soup, savoy cabbage roulades with potatoes, and Brussels sprouts or caramelized Brussels sprouts as a side dish. For a side dish, you can also prepare the Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, nutmeg butter, ginger, and bacon.

Seasonal salad

lettuce salad
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A seasonal salad in December is lamb’s lettuce and endive salad. At Christmas time it is suitable as a starter or as a side dish to the main course.

How about a chicken liver terrine, for example, which you give a special extra with the integrated endive salad? Endive soup is another delicacy that is suitable as a starter. Potatoes, leek, salmon ham, butter, and crème fraîche, along with the salad, are among the ingredients of this soup.

Also good as a festive starter: warm endive salad with crispy bacon and walnuts, endive salad with crab and dill, or endive salad with king oyster mushrooms.

When cultivated mushrooms are available year-round. They have a spicy and slightly nutty taste and are somewhat reminiscent of porcini mushrooms.