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Can We Get Rid Of Wrinkles In A Natural Way?


The neurotoxin Botox is a bit extreme as a wrinkle killer – to say the least. We can also fall back on a natural alternative: Antioxidants can also reliably reduce the formation of wrinkles. And a very specific active ingredient ensures that your care is guaranteed not to be lacking.

Antioxidants and free radicals are common words in cosmetics, but very few know what they actually mean. In short: Free radicals damage our tissue structure so that it can no longer regenerate. It makes her tired and limp. Antioxidants render these molecules harmless. So far, so good – but which ingredients contain the most of them? A new, plant-based active ingredient joins the ranks of classics such as vitamins C and E: The hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD) has a high proportion of radical scavengers and has an extremely relaxing effect on our skin. Just what we need in the fight against wrinkles! The botox alternative of the hour is therefore a CBD cream with vitamin C or E.

CBD contains more antioxidants than vitamin C

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Vitamin C has a very high proportion of antioxidants and has therefore been considered the leading active ingredient in the fight against free radicals. In the meantime, however, studies have shown that CBD has an even higher proportion of radical scavengers. So it can even be more reliable in ensuring that your complexion retains its freshness. When choosing the right product, it is best to rely on the motto: Two is better! The day cream, which contains both CBD and vitamin C, is therefore recommended. Sun protection factor 15, also protects you from UV radiation, one of the biggest sources of oxidative stress. For comprehensive care for healthy and youthful skin, you can optimally supplement the day cream with the anti-aging cream. The active ingredient retinol works specifically against signs of aging.

Antioxidants vs. Free Radicals: What exactly happens there?

Antioxidants vs. Free Radicals
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A free radical is an incomplete molecule that snatches electrons from cells in our tissues in order to complete itself. This causes irreparable damage to the cell structure. The result: our skin loses its elasticity and the aging process is accelerated. Antioxidants have to donate an electron and can thus render free radicals harmless. If they are present in large quantities, they protect our skin very effectively against these harmful external influences and thus make it appear healthier and more radiant. There are two options for adding antioxidants to your body: You can get them through your diet or you can apply them to your skin with the help of cosmetics.

Antioxidants in the diet

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Beauty products are ideal for protecting certain regions of your body from oxidative stress. For example, a wrinkle-free face is particularly important to us. But you can also support your body more holistically: vegetables and fruits in traffic light colors – i.e. red, green, and yellow – are also natural sources of antioxidants and thus reduce the risk of cell damage by free radicals. This not only benefits your skin but also your health. For example, oxidative stress has been linked to cancer.

Less free radicals form with the right lifestyle

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By the way, you can not only ensure that your body has more antioxidants available. Conversely, you can also prevent the multiplication of free radicals. Alcohol and cigarettes, for example, but also stress, are conducive to the formation of these harmful molecules. An active lifestyle and avoiding frequent smoking and drinking play at least as important a role as a healthy diet and the right care products.